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operative x
7th Jul 2003, 03:35
What kind of game would you make if you had the knowledge and resources to make it? How would it be original and different/ or better that other games?:confused:

Big Ragu
7th Jul 2003, 04:38
My game would of course be impossible to make...but does that matter, no.

It would be a life simulator, your start in a town and you can literally do anything. Get a job as a cop and fight crime, become a criminal, own a gas station, or anything you want to do.

You could buy, or steal a car, and drive to another city.

People you interact with would be completely unique. You would be able to say anything.

You could get a job with the government and work to uncover conspiracies.

Join the army and fight in wars.

Hell, you could buy a house and raise a happy family (but who would do that?)

The game would probably take around 150 to 200 gigabytes.

That is my dream.

7th Jul 2003, 06:02
Wow a lot of friends of mine, including me, have that same dream!! It seems so popular, someone should try it!!

7th Jul 2003, 12:42
come on, we got the escape from reality here?
Computergames should be fun, and just that, sometimes also educational! But never a way to escape from the reality we do live in! By that I mean a completely perfect life simulation is not good! we are already nearing us the world where we will sitt on our ass and do nothing, just becose we have the technoogy to do all the negative things!
Is that what we realy want?
Ok, well my game would be that you where to investigate crimes in a city, and that the city is as detailed as in the GTA games, but you also can go inside any buildings and stuff, and talk to whoever you meet, and lot of stuff that you can do, go to the casino and gamble, and do whatever, robe a shop if that is what you need. you see? But I dont like a game to be to real, that makes me feel sick! So the detail level in the city is like GTA VC, and let me have a little arcade feeling!

P.S. The city would have to be a lovely city, not a real city, but a lovely designed city. and a big number of difference people, and animals, like birds in the street, loose cats and dogs, and, etc. Boats in the ocean and planes and chopters, whatever you can find in the city! Ok I cant come whit all details here, since that would take a day to write!!!!!!

Big Ragu
7th Jul 2003, 18:16
Computers will never replace or be as real as reality, until computer chips that you implant into your head, of course.

[SYN] Nexus
7th Jul 2003, 20:51
My Dream game would be........ DeusEx :)

Big Ragu
10th Jul 2003, 23:24
Thinking realistically, I would actually make a western game. It would have to have a classic, powerful storyline, the graphics would be stunnig to show off the beauty of the old west and there would be pistols and rifles that were true to the era.

It would be semi-linear in a sense that you would have a level were you arrive in a town on horseback, then you walk around the town (which would include saloons, general stores, etc.) conversing with other NPCs trying to find out about what happened to your family, or who killed your family, etc. Then the next level could be out in the west in the wild.

The dialouge system would be similar to Deus Ex in which you select multiple sentences. But, it wouldn't be a mystery game. You would have to do some fighting, but not an unrealistic amount where a horde of bad guys scream towards you yelling jicky lines.

Other gameplay aspects would include quickdrawing and horse riding.

There also might be a skill system in which the skills would be:

Rifles - An increase would result in quicker reload times and better accuracy.

Pistols - Quicker reload times, increased accuracy, and if enough points are in pistols, the ability to shoot two at a time.

Medical - Heal more efficiently medical supplies (canteens or something)

Horse Riding - Faster on horse, more manuverable (Quicker turns)

Quick Draw - Unholsters your weapon faster in case you are in a draw. (Walking with your weapon out could get you in trouble with the law, not saying you couldn't play the game as a bad guy .) :D

Conversing - Gives more conversation options.

That is some of the game I would make. It it did get made, it would have to be a big production game, not something people would get tired of in a few months.

22nd Jul 2003, 10:44
yes something between Outlaws (for the story line and the historical setting) and Deus Ex (for the RPG/semi-nonlinearity, etc) would be great.

does someone know if there is a mod for better graphics for ?Outlaws

Big Ragu
22nd Jul 2003, 17:38
I have come across a HL mod that is based on Outlaws, but it kinda sucks so it's not worth getting. (Only MP I believe.) There is also a Wild west Mod for Castle Wolfenstein, but I havn't tried it.

I havn't been able to find a mod for Outlaws itself to increase the graphics sadly.

23rd Jul 2003, 07:44
I guess the game must be a little too old now.

maybe we should petition

Big Ragu
23rd Jul 2003, 16:59
I'm up for it.

13th Aug 2003, 21:27
Imagine the realm of conspiracy with hi-tech stuff of deus ex with strong storyline mixed with atmosphere of the first thief plus THE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM of tes:morrowind and you have the game of my dreams :) ;) :D :cool:

15th Aug 2003, 00:48
nothing else other than a expasion to Drakan 2

21st Aug 2003, 12:07
a Game about me...and then it would be the most fun game ever...it would have the best storyline...the best graphics..the best gameplay ...everything.
it would be the best game of the day, month, year, century, ever...
ok I guess I should back off a little:D

Bio Denton
27th Aug 2003, 13:54
Unrealistic: Self-generating world with limitless potential and controlled by an AI.

Realisic: A 1000-hour gameplay version of DX.

1st Sep 2003, 15:17
Originally posted by Bio Denton
Unrealistic: Self-generating world with limitless potential and controlled by an AI.

just wait another 30 years, then you can ask directly to Helios