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7th Jul 2003, 00:44
I went to Gamespot and looked at a pic of Lok: Defiance and it Had a really wierd Raziel Pic. Raziel and Kain looked like they were going to fight with there swords but Raz's WB was differnt.
It still coiled around his arm but instead of going straight out it bent and became more like a real sword with a Handle and Raziel was holding it by the handle. and the Sword sorta took the Image of the physical Blade. Has any one Heard if they were changeing the WB or is it just a wierd pic?

The Amazing Rando
7th Jul 2003, 04:38
I believe that that is the new design for the SR. I think I heard that it's more like what the originally wanted to do with the wraith blade in SR1, but couldn't for some reason (technology,time, I don't know). It's supposed to be just like the physical blade, only a wraith. I think there's more info on it elsewhere, possible in the "Hands on Defiance" thread.

BTW, further Defiance Q's etc should be in the Defiance board. I think it was just a simple mistake, but you could move this thread over there for better responses. (by moving I mean deleating this and re-creating it on the other board).

16th Jul 2003, 22:16
I'm still gettin over the pics I've seen that show Raz and Kian wearing human boots.

Has Nosgoth turned topsy turvy? :eek:

Thank god I don't think they'll be wearing them in the game.

16th Jul 2003, 23:38
Boots suck!

Barefoot all the way :D

18th Jul 2003, 04:41
But you have to admit they really looked cool in the concept art when raziel had them on.