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6th Jul 2003, 13:13
Can someone here please tell me how to defeat sin on the airship because I've tried everything and plus he has over 100,000 hp. Is there a certain weapon or what? before you are even in the middle of destroying that thing it blows you to bits.......post please if you know. Thanks so much!!!:confused:

The one
6th Jul 2003, 17:17
Cast Hastaga and use Yuna, keep whacking him with holy and if you know you're not going to win by yourself, summon Yojimbo, give him tons of cash and pray! ( This takes quite a bit of luck so you'll probably have to give him at least 300,000gil:eek:

6th Jul 2003, 23:49
Warning: Spoiler's ahead!!

1: If you have Anima, try her overdrive. It can do 6 digits worth of damage if she's powerful enough.

2: Also, let Rikku mix up a Trio of 9999 of you have the Wings to Discovery to create it. (You can get 30 of them from the chocobo races at the Reniem temple) Then let Wakka execute attack reels for 119.988 damage.

3: If the above tactics aren't an option, Haste everyone asap and use Armour Break and Mental Break as soon as Sin is in range. Start pounding away with Quick Hit, double casted Flare, Ultima or -ga spells and the like (anything that does good damage) as soon as possible. Also consider using Spare Change (100k gold for 9999 damage), Kimahri's Self Destruct rage (if you're desperate) and be sure to use Bahamut's Megaflare if you're sure it will do enough damage to finish Sin off.

It really depends on which skills you have, and which items you can potentially mix with Rikku.

7th Jul 2003, 06:33
....I don't remember FFX being that hard, with the exception of the Monster Collection/Creation sidequest..

Anyway, if it really seems hard...just overdrive all you Aeons' before you fight, and hit the enemy with all of them one after the other. And get Yuna's overdrive active, too.

I don't remember that battle at all. Do you have the option to pull away or something? If you do, you have to know when to pull back. Usually there is a countdown or some kind of warning before the big killer attack. If that Trigger Action is there, only Rikku and Tidus will have it available for selection.

8th Jul 2003, 22:02
yojimbo!!! I had no idea their was another aeon......where do you find him? ANIMA!!! I reacall Maester Seymour of having him, but I didn't know you could have had him too.....please tell me how do you get him. For the meantime, I'll just power everyone up more with those battles in the sphere globe, and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

;) ;) ;)

8th Jul 2003, 22:07
How do you find Anima and Yojimbo? I know Maester Seymour had him, but where do I get him from? Yojimbo is new to me! THAN YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP SO MUCH!;) ;) ;)

8th Jul 2003, 23:24
Yeah those are extra Aeons. There is also one from FF6?...or maybe it was FF4? oh...it was one of the previous SNES games...they were bad gals in one of those FF games, who's number I can't remember. Anyway they are called The Magus Sisters. And are very simular to "Knight of the Round", as far as the attack goes.

....There are also the Ultimate Weapons. You should have some already, but you need to unlock them. Once you do some of your Aeons (different once for different weapons) will Break the "Cap" lock that they have. In other words, no more 9999 damage.....it' will be almost unlimited. I imagine if you level up enough, they can take out any boss with only one hit. Some of the Aeons have Dual Overdrives, too. You go back to Besaid and talk to the girl with the dog....to get Valefor's.

I really suggest not getting the hidden Aeons or the Ultimate Weapons.....it makes the game too easy. (or even the 1MP cast-ability, weapon addon). It's so easy, to the point, that it's just becomes too, boring to play. (but that's an opinion)

And, what really sucks is that the so called "International" version. (International....yeah right!) It has even more secrets.....And so does Kingdom Hearts: Final Version. But damn them....they only released those version in Japan......and I think maybe Europe, too.

For FFX they added Dark Aeons. And a different Sphere system...one that you can start however you want. And for KH....they added extra movies....such as a movie between Sephiroth and Cloud, about to fight..... and a longer bonus movie...that you can now see as a download on the web.

(You may need the Divx player to see the movies I'm about to link to. http://www.divx.com/)

Their version is called Deep Dive....the rest of USAers got "Another Side Another Story" as the Bonus Movie.

You can find those secret's here and all the info of the differences of FFX's International and KH's Final Version: (Don't read too much here if you don't want spoilers.....)

umm select the FAQ link, not the actual title....and use the search to find stuff or the Alpha links.....awe....you'll figure it out.

For the Aeon's you can use the one entitled:
"Aeon FAQ"
There are no plot spoils on that one.

I hope you solved all the Distruction Sphere puzzles.

9th Jul 2003, 05:14
Thanks alot for the info Rengar. I really needed that.:D :cool: :D :cool:

16th Jul 2003, 21:58
yojimbo is in the chamber of the stolen fayth or the sunken cave as it is also called - just off the calm lands and i guess its under the way to mount gagazet!

20th Jul 2003, 13:59
Hey Guy's, this is my first post but i can tell you how to get Anima.

On the airship enter these Coordinates.

X: 11 to 16
Y: 57 to 63
Z: not needed

It should find Baaj Temple, go here and you will be in the temple Tidus foud himself at the begining of the Game, Jump into the water and you will fight a boss (the huge fish that Tidus encounted at the begining of the game) it is best to have Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku eqquiped with armor that will protect them from petrification, or they will sink to the bottem.

After you have beat it make sure you have used the destruction Sphere's from Besaid, Kilika, Djose, Macalania, and Zanarkand.

(Bevelle does not matter as you needed to use the destruction sphere to escape)

Then enter the room at the other end of the Baaj Temple, and activate the statues when you cant go any further. you will then be able to enter the chamber of the Fayth, and talk to Seymour's mother and she will give you the secret Aeon, ANIMA.:D