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30th May 2013, 06:59
Can anyone speak japanese and translate this for viewing on twitch?
Please let me know ASAP.

30th May 2013, 22:36
Same question here. Been looking for a while. I've had 0 success. : (


31st May 2013, 22:53
www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCCKYfouAxE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCCKYfouAxE)

There we go. Not FULLY captioned yet but about hour or so. I'm guessing it'll be done in a day or two completely.

1st Jun 2013, 09:30

8th Aug 2013, 22:54
Courtesy BG (http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/117368-Letter-from-the-Producer-LIVE-Part-VIII-(26-07-2013)-P4-the-17th-NOT-ANYMORE-LIARS?p=5840316&viewfull=1#post5840316):

Beta Phase 4 starts August 17th and ends August 19th
Beta phase 3 players can start one day early on the August 16th
Early access starts on the August 24th, no down time between early access and launch.
Level cap is 20 in phase 4.
Arcanist available in phase 4
Fishing profession available in phase 4
Coliseum PVP will be in phase 4, but only accessible if over level 30 (Legacy and 1.0 players will be able to access)
Scholar confirmed to be healer role
Payment options Crysta, credit card, 30 day and 60 day game cards confirmed
Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch)
Free of charge smartphone apps (named Libra Eorzea) confirmed. Shows character stats, all abilities, quests, crafting materials, and basically all information about the game. Available 1 week after launch for iOS and 3-4 weeks after launch for Android.
No item transfer between same account and same server available due to possible RMT abuse. Could change in the future.
Barber shop not available at launch, In the barber shop you can change hairstyle, hair color, face tattoo, face paint, face paint color and beard.
Seasonal events confirmed (Summertime, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's confirmed so far), with season-themed gear obtainable
Snowman gear confirmed
Fire resistant swimsuit gear confirmed
New Eorzea Collection 2013S Video (Mob version, premiering Tonberry and Tonberry King)
Phase 4 data will not be wiped unless a game breaking bug is discovered.
Crystal Tower 24 man raid confirmed. Not available until Patch 2.1.
Primals finishing moves confirmed to be changing
No /tell allowed in raids to avoid griefing of newer players.
Duty finder to be expanded over time.
Extreme difficulty setting confirmed for primals and dungeons
Unicorn mount confirmed, obtaniable during Conjurer questline.
Other unique mounts for different jobs could be available in the future
Character gender and race effects mount sitting pose
Leviathan primal confirmed
Free companies earn points when members complete quests
EXP bonuses and other bonuses confirmed for free company members
Mob themed furniture for player housing confirmed (craftable?)
Marriage system confirmed (Same gender marriage not mentioned)
Molbol FATE battle confirmed
Darklight armor for WHM confirmed
Player housing not reliant on GC city, houses can be in any city
Job quests can be completed solo if player is skilled enough
After launch (patch 2.1) there will be better rewards for those who choose to join random dungeon in duty finder
Re-roll status points confirmed
Addon support coming 6-8 months after launch
GC based PVP confirmed. 4v4, 8v8 confirmed
The crater left by dalamud coming down is used as the coliseum
FFXIV WELCOME BACK CAMPAIGN. 1.0 players can play for free until September 9th. If they purchase PS3 version, they will get 30 additional free days after the campaign end date.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM. Bonuses granted depending on how long you subscribe to A Realm Reborn for. Bonuses such as items, mounts and character remake ticket.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 30 day reward is wind up cursor minion and phial of fantasia.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 60 day reward is cascadier uniform and black chocobo minion.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 90 day reward is beady (tiny) eye minion and Voidal Resinator (Ahriman) mount.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 120, 180 day and more rewards confirmed.

Wind Up Cursor Minion
Black Chocobo Chick
Cascadier Uniform Voucher
Beady Eye
Voidal Resonator