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6th Jul 2003, 00:13
I got an e-mail from someone (who shall remain nameless) asking how to install mods (I forgot to provide a read-me with mine). I told them what to do, including downloading the patch. I got this e-mail back:

Thanks for the answer!!!But i have another problem!When i install the patch,and enter the game,the game want startopia cd!What can i do to resolve the problem???
<grinding of teeth>

I called them "BAD!" and "NAUGHTY!" and told him to go buy the game for $10. When will people learn? At least they wasn't so proud as to boast about it.

L Croft
6th Jul 2003, 08:29
yeah I know why bother, I got my copy for only £3 which is really little :rolleyes:

6th Jul 2003, 21:36
Much cheaper than 10 years in prison or £5000 fine(minimum) :rolleyes:

You should report them to their ISP you know, no use letting them get away with it.

6th Jul 2003, 22:45
It continues:

1.How can i use mission editor?
2.How can i creat mission?
3.Where can i find crack patch?!????
That was the entire e-mail.

I think I'll ignore them and send their e-mails to the mail provider. It's in Romanian though, I think (.ro)?

10th Jul 2003, 08:58
<Loads shotgun>

What was their e-mail adress?

10th Jul 2003, 17:00
Forward it too mucky foot, they'll know about trade standards and all that.

10th Jul 2003, 17:34
If the person in question is a member here they will be banned. If not there is little we can do apert from starving them of any help in the future.
Please forward their address to me please. ;)

10th Jul 2003, 21:01
I got my startopia for $15... the first one anyways,

but i really hate it when people are too cheap to buy the game

14th Jul 2003, 17:31
I got my game 1 and a half years ago for 20 pounds (I can't type the symbol, it just does # .)

[Kill pirate retailers]

People are too cheap. I bought it for 5 times the price nowadays! Pirating is an evil, scummy thing to do. My fleet is armed and ready! Where are they? I will exterminate them.

[/Kill pirate retailers]