View Full Version : To those who are awaiting their prize

5th Jul 2003, 22:04
I have emailed Core Design and will let you all know the outcome when I get a reply.

If Core Design don't supply the prizes they promised, believe me, i'll be pretty unhappy too.

Watch this space.

David 070
6th Jul 2003, 00:37
what prizes????

6th Jul 2003, 09:29
Glad you asked....

Last year Data (former moderator) hosted a custom level contest, and both Core Design and Eidos offered prizes. To date, Eidos have supplied their runners up prizes to the winners but Core Design hasn't yet, and this is what we are awaiting on.

Note; I only received my order from Amazon saturday, so i'd give them a week at least. ;)

6th Jul 2003, 16:52
thanx dhama! i have no patience so i'm currently renting the game lol

10th Jul 2003, 08:54
Well Terry, I am not convinced you are gonna get a reply, but thanks for trying........Besides, getting a few votes from the community was a prize in itself!

10th Jul 2003, 17:49
Believe me, if I don't get a reply, I will take it further; that's a promise. ;)

10th Jul 2003, 20:04
thanx dhama your a star :)

17th Jul 2003, 12:18
i'm hoping no news is good news? lol

24th Jul 2003, 18:30
Still nothing? Not nice of Eidos :mad:
I refuse to buy one now!

Ahm! mate.... careful what you say. ;)

24th Jul 2003, 20:42
i know, its just not on, its been out for nearly a month now, and still not a word, disgraceful, i dont feel that they think we are worthy of a prize anymore, even though i worked really hard on that level!! :(

24th Jul 2003, 22:39
Believe me, i'm just as angry about the whole matter as you are. I'm just awaiting an answer from Grey Mouser now as I didn't get a reply from Core Design.
I will keep trying guys; rest assured.

25th Jul 2003, 00:08
u know trhat really gets me mad, really, its screwed up

2nd Aug 2003, 10:17
Latest news...........

Because of heavy work load, Eidos Admin Grey Mouser has only just been able to assist and I have passed on your email addresses to him.
Please be patient, and i'm sure of the desired result. :)

2nd Aug 2003, 13:05
Stirling work there Terry....... better late than never, huh?

19th Aug 2003, 21:10
any more news? i have recieved no emails :(

19th Aug 2003, 22:19
I wouldn't bet on it, 'tis Eidos after all. :rolleyes: