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5th Jul 2003, 12:55
In Defiance will it continue of strait from SR2, I still dont understand "History Abors a Paradox" The least i know what hilden are now least i know what hilden are now + what the most official stuff out (i been away for a wile) :confused:

Matt from Spam Buddies
5th Jul 2003, 13:02
The next chapter in the epic Legacy of Kain series is a cutting-edge action/adventure game featuring more action than ever before. Take control of two powerful and highly evolved vampires: Kain, an all-powerful demigod, and Raziel, a demonic angel of death. Each equipped with a legendary sword, Kain and Raziel must battle through a world loaded with conflict and intrigue as they attempt to unravel their destinies and defeat the dark forces that seek to condemn their world to eternal damnation.

That's the official plot summary which can also be found by clicking right over here (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/games/info.html?gmid=142). As You can see, it doesn't say much and that's the way uh-uh-uh-huh we like it. ;)
Yes, it will continue where TLOKS-SR2 closed the chapter.

- Matthew

5th Jul 2003, 13:45
Originally posted by Omni_Sephiroth
In Defiance will it continue of strait from SR2, I still dont understand "History Abors a Paradox" The least i know what hilden are now least i know what hilden are now + what the most official stuff out (i been away for a wile) :confused:

It means the Blood Reaver has to become the Soul Reaver sooner or later or else everytime that Kain used the Soul Reaver to change history or Raz used it to open the forges or to reach Janos will never have happened. And that would be disasterous.

5th Jul 2003, 13:54
Wats the blood reaver

Matt from Spam Buddies
5th Jul 2003, 13:59
The Blood Reaver is the original sword, the original Reaver. It's the sword the Ancients made back when they got their curse. The Blood Reaver's function is to devour the blood of its victims, it's a vampiric blade.

But in TLOKS-SR2 the Blood Reaver turned its hunger on Raziel and began to devour Raziel's soul. As we all know Raziel can devour the souls of its victims. This event had always happened, thus the Blood Reaver was imbued with Raziel's soul devouring spirit and became the Soul Reaver.

So basicly the Soul Reaver was created from the Blood Reaver. The Blood Reaver is the real thang. The Soul Reaver that reaves souls as we know it was created just thanks to the hunger of the Blood Reaver. :)

- Matthew

5th Jul 2003, 14:04
So the Spectral Soul Reaver that Raziel Has is the Soul Reaver and the Physiacal version that Kain USes is Blood Reaver ?

5th Jul 2003, 14:09
that about sums it up- yes

5th Jul 2003, 14:15
I Final Understand everything Thanx u

Matt from Spam Buddies
5th Jul 2003, 14:53
There are 2 basic components - Raziel's soul and the Blood Reaver

Raziel's soul = Wraith Blade
The Blood Reaver = The Reaver

Raziel's soul + The Blood Reaver = The Soul Reaver

"Soul Reaver" without an article is Raziel's soul, but "The Soul Reaver" with an article is the the Blood Reaver imbued with Raziel's soul.

- Matthew

5th Jul 2003, 15:43
yeah but none of SR2s ending made any real sense. The blood reaver is VAMPIRIC! If it needs raziel's soul within it then HOW could it possibly devour raziel's soul? I have a topic on this in the soul reaver board.

As Amy said. Don't take everything raziel says as being the truth. so far raziel has speculated the following that haven't been proved right or wrong:

-that he's invincible (and the elder didn't save him in the abyss)
-that the soul devouring entity within the reaver is him
-that the reaver broke because it was trying to devour its own soul yet he earlier said he was indestructible.....

Matt from Spam Buddies
5th Jul 2003, 17:12
Yes, it's true and very strange.

When my friends asked me about why the Reaver was trying to devour Raziel's soul I simply said that "he's hungry". Buuut that's not correct, I guess.

But, fneh, did You count in the fact that Raziel's WB was beyond Moebius' staff's influence, became active and coiled around the Blood Reaver?

Just to make sure.

- Matthew

5th Jul 2003, 21:41
I think the SR just gets overzelous. I mean the -whole- game if you use it too much it starts sapping away raziel's strength in it's enthusiasm to kill. But for most of the game, the WB is bonded to raziel symbiotically, to the point that they between them only count as one instance of his soul. Hard to try to suck his soul that way. But it -did- leech his soul to repare the reaver in the beginning, which prooves it -can- suck his soul and do things with it other than consuming it.

Here's a theory:
WB was disabled by mobius. Raz takes up blood reaver and embarks on a period of bloody mayhem killing all his brothers and himself. Through all of this the WB is aware but stymed, disabled by mobius' staff. It is indeed REAALLLY hungry after all this killing with the blood reaver, which it also has a tie to. Suddenly the staff wears off, or possibly Moebius watching from his little seeing pool intentionally realeases the hunger crazed blade at this point..when no one is left but Raziel to kill. The first thing the blade finds on manifesting is, 'hey! there's annother sword here..! OH, it's my old home, perfect!' and coils around the blood reaver, so it can actualy seperate itself from Raziel. I'm assuming this does -not- make the Soul reaver, but 1 blood reaver and 1 wraith blade working in tandem. The blood reaver is trying to suck raziel's blood (good luck.) The Wraith blade can't shatter like the soul reaver could, so when it tries to suck raziel's soul in it's deranged hunger, even though it can't consume him it -does- pull his soul loose from his body, and into the physical blood reaver which is occupying the same space as the wraith blade. Raziel's soul becomes trapped in the physical blade, suddenly we have 1 entire soul reaver, with a wraith blade coiled around.
This is if Kain hadn't intervened.
And here's where I get confused, I made a post about it, cuz at this point either the wraith blade dissipates with no where left to attatch itself or somehow both souls get stuck in the sword, which would just be odd...or the wraith blade is a lost spirit and gets eaten by sluuaghs...:P at any rate I'm not sure what happens to the wraith blade after this. But it does make the end CS sensible.

5th Jul 2003, 22:35
I thought it was agreed that the Soul Reaver (ie the wraith blaide coiled around the Blood Reaver) would have tried to devour Raziels soul but when it couldn't, the soul was left trapped inside the Blood Reaver instead. It's not devoured, just stuck.

vampire of balance
6th Jul 2003, 06:13
Blood Reaver tries consume Raz's soul couse it's always happens. In fact cyclic history tries to avoid a paradox. I mean Soul Reaver is here and whitout it BO1 SR1 SR2 BO2 are inposible to happen. History abhors a paradox!!!!