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The one
5th Jul 2003, 12:41
How do you do the second 'Classic' level. The one where you play as the bloke dressed as a robot and you are helped by a bear?:confused: I keep getting shot by tons of robots!:mad:

5th Jul 2003, 13:45
I would help but I have no idea what level your talking about :(

I dont remember a level with you as R107 (guy dressed as a robot) and a bear and robots which has anything to do with 'classic' stuff!

Ab ^_^

14th Jul 2003, 20:44
mate ther are 2 with R107. There is where do the batteries go and Nice threads.

WDTBG: is a story classic. so im guessing that one. Bassically get the plasma autorifle and run. shoot everything and keep running down. Shoot the R109. They are the most dangerous. Get the minigun of the one of them and then shoot a bit more. keep following the corridors till u get to a dead end with a disk and a spder bot. kill it grab the disk turn round and run back the way u came.

If its nice threads same proccess but the bots are tougher and u dont need to run back.

my recors for WDTBG is 2:30mins

platinum is 4:30mins