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25th Apr 2012, 19:58
Welcome to Parasite Eve I/II & 3<sup>rd</sup> Birthday forum! This forum is specifically designed to discuss titles within the Parasite Eve series, this includes: Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve II, and 3<sup>rd</sup> Birthday. Feel free to discuss your thoughts, memories, strategies, and everything else Parasite Eve with fellow players on this forum, but remember to consider the opinions of others and keep all conversations civil and respectful. If you haven&rsquo;t already, please read the official guidelines (/go/thread/view/139233/29068965/General_Forum_Guidelines) for the forum before posting.

21st Nov 2017, 01:38
Hi, I create a petition in order to convince Square Enix to take back again PE saga. Hi, petition for Parasite Eve 4 on PS4 is born. if you are interested you can go to twitter page, petition page and facebook page. You may sign it via Change.org petition in https://t.co/do5keEv9zs and retweeting its tweet here https://twitter.com/ParasiteEve_4/st...48634983731205. More retweets, than more signs. New email is Mitochondrialreborn@gmail.com.
So, help us and spread the world! The petition is also in Japan in order to be more efficient!