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4th Jul 2003, 00:50
I always thought that song used at the end of CL during the credits was cool. I liked it, but never bothered to find out who or what that song is. Now, I saw a movie preview (cant remember what its called, its about some girl fighting somethings, anyways, it definatly has some thief-like settings) in this preview, they played that song. The time has come, whats it called, and who is it by? I watched the credits in CL to see, and unless Im blind, I didnt see anything about it. Anyone know?

4th Jul 2003, 07:52
Hi...sorry to say I don't know but a sure way to find out is to send the author a message and ask him? Can't miss :D Ta and Good Hunting!

4th Jul 2003, 11:51
I found this at TTLG.

It's called Red Tape, by Agent Provacateur.

Can't say if that's correct or not, but you could check it out! :)

4th Jul 2003, 23:49
Thank you both! Im working on it now.