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3rd Jul 2003, 22:53
Similar to the ULTIMATE CHALLANGES, but these you do in Custom and are quick to do.

(The following challanges are to be in Frantic and NO power-ups. Game mode is Elimination with 5 lives, and 4 five star bots)

Challange 1: (of 3) EASY

Stage - Compound
Bots - 1. R-109 2. Reaper Splitter 3. Scorge Splitter 4. Cropilite
Weapons - 1-4=Flamethrower 5= TNT
- Start WITH a gun

The point of this is to be frustrating, as the rain puts the fire out on the enemies, making it very annoying. TNT is for R-109.......

Platnium = 1st with 5 lives
Gold = 1st with 3 lives
Silver = 1st with 2 lives
Bronze = 1st

Challange yourself at this and see how well you go. Once you've got platnium, move on to the next challange.

Challange 2: (of 3) NORMAL

Stage - Hospital
Bots - 4x Stone Golem
Weapons- 1 only=Grenade Launcher, 2-5 = (empty)
- Start WITH gun
- Set Handicap to -10 health

This challange is a tough, as you die soon after igniting on fire and Stone Golem takes heaps of grenades

Platnium = 1st with 5 lives
Gold = 1st with 3 lives
Silver = 1st with 2 lives
Bronze = 1st

Challange 3: (of 3) HARD

Stage - Site
Bots - 1.Sgt Cortez/2.Corp Hart/3.Stone Golem/4.Sentry Bot
Weapons - 1-2= Vintage Rifle, 3-4= Sniper Rifle, 5= Homing Launcher
- NO start with gun

The big one, you have be a good player this one, as you need the Site unlocked. Sniping.....seems hard already, espically since head shots don't effect Sentry Bot

Platnium = 1st with 5 lives
Gold = 1st with 3 lives
Silver = 1st
Bronze = Beat Sgt. Cortez

Good Luck. Post your acheivements here to see who is good enough to score 3x Platnium...........

4th Jul 2003, 13:46
heh heh, those are pretty tough challanges... but I'll try my hand at them.

22nd Jul 2003, 23:42
So how'd ya go, Ex-ion?

28th Jul 2003, 13:08
challange 3 was eevil!

C1= 1st w/ 5 lives. (platinum)
play as a sentry bot... R109 will usually just use the flame thrower... EASY!

C2= 1st w/ 5 lives. (platinum)
Damn those stone golums! dont stop moving and never box yourself in... this took me a few tries. also- play as a metalic character or the stone golum!

C3= 1st w/ 4 lives. (gold)
the sentry bot can be effected by head shots (but its head is low down) shots in the back work well.

29th Jul 2003, 03:44
Yo! Ex-ion, I thought disapeared or somethin'. One thing I forgot to mention was that you were supposed to choose a human character so you can be put on fire and be rifled by a snipper.

Post the times you got to compare with mine. I can't remember what they are right now, but tommorow I'll post them.

Challange 1 : 1st w/5 lives (Platnium)
I stayed in the open for this one, and killed them with TNT + punched 'em

Challange 2 : 1st w/5 lives (Platnium)
Providing you chose a human character and set handicap to -10 this would be quite hard as you die straight away when put on fire. Hanging around the stairs worked best for me, as it allowed a quick escape

Challage 3 (The EVIL one) : 1st w/5 lives (Platnium! belive it or not)
Run to the Homing Launcher at the start, grab a snipper and camp in the pipe that has a snipper in it. Stand on an angle around the corner of the entrance and shot the dudes in the head as soon as they pop up, if Sentry Bot comes, fire the tripple rockets infront of him. Hiding in the pipe prevents you from being rifled in the head.

Focus on this challange as it's the hardest. My time for memory was 1:56.4! (scoring plat of coarse)

If you got some Challanges, fell free to post 'em.
Good luck with Challange 3!