View Full Version : AOD for PC is GOOD !!!

2nd Jul 2003, 02:39
Just got AOD, and it's been fine to me - the main thing I like is the controls are very similar to the "old TR"...

And, she looks better...

2nd Jul 2003, 03:32
i agree w/ you :)

i was verrryy pleased about the controls! i thought they were going to be totally different. i thought itd b the mouse and awsd keys and then a bunch of other random keys. [like for wolfenstein and max payne]

2nd Jul 2003, 03:37
Sounds good, JunoJim! :)

I'm very happy to hear the controls are like the old TRs! :D

Unfortunately, I will have to wait awhile before I can get the game. :( But, when I can get it, I'm going to grab it and start playing it! :)

2nd Jul 2003, 12:35
YES! YES! YES! This is the best news I've heard in quite a while. I too was kind of afraid with all the bad comments of people and although I haven't got the game ... YET :D I believe that I can believe you when y'all tell me that the controls are pretty much the same as in the previous Tomb Raider-games. This is truly FANTASTIC news!! Although I have no problem playing videogames with the mouse (like in my only two other games: Max Payne and Splinter Cell) I still prefer the keyboard alone.

It's the same for me when I'm working ... I try to do as much as I can with the keyboard. It works faster and so much easier! :)

2nd Jul 2003, 13:18

2nd Jul 2003, 13:32
Why did Lara put on her jeans in reverse?
(or is she actually looking back in this picture, twisting her torso almost 180 dgr.?)

2nd Jul 2003, 15:29
Originally posted by Xcom
Why did Lara put on her jeans in reverse?
(or is she actually looking back in this picture, twisting her torso almost 180 dgr.?) I said the same thing in on of the other forums. Someone else took a pic with Lara doing the samething. weird. :)

2nd Jul 2003, 17:11
ahaha lmao :D i just noticed that!

i think our lara must be very flexible. ;)

2nd Jul 2003, 18:00
That is too funny!!! I am still waiting for it to come here too :(

Lara Croft Online
2nd Jul 2003, 22:40
She looks in pain too :D

3rd Jul 2003, 02:53
That was the only screenshot I took - it is a move she makes, where she twists around and looks back !!! Interesting...

I'll post some better one's tomorrow nite...

There is a mouse option, but I haven't found it necessary, or very useful either...

There are a couple bugs, but not anything serious - maybe there's something useful, like the old corner bug !!!

3rd Jul 2003, 03:34
You guys need to get some girlfriends (and I mean girls who are friends :p), and I'm surprised that Jess didn't say anything. lol

Did you honestly not know that there are jeans now that have pockets like that on the front?

3rd Jul 2003, 03:46
hun, those look like back pockets ;) yes there are some jeans that have pockets like that in the front, but they are much smaller. can't you tell the difference between front and back pockets? :p

also randy, take a look at the belt ;)

3rd Jul 2003, 03:52
My friends that I've seen wearing them, haven't had smaller pockets. And maybe it's a built in belt! LMAO! No buckle, no hassle, there you go! :D

MBFGW moment: Give me a word, any word. And I will show you the root of that word is Greek..... you see? robe, winter there you go! lmao ;)

All in all, maybe she's just a fantastic contortionist. Next will see her fitting into a small replica of the glass pyramid of the Louvre. :p

3rd Jul 2003, 03:54
a built in belt hu? hmmm.

how about the word kimono? ;)

and as i said, our lara is just too damn flexible :p

3rd Jul 2003, 03:58
She's just looking back.

It's sad that I tried this, but it's midnight and I have nothing better to do! :p If you just try to turn like that, it's not that hard to do. Plus, her jacket is probably hiding that she's twisting around.

So you see Jess? In the end, we're all just fruit. :D

3rd Jul 2003, 04:01
Yes, that's why I took it, cause it's such a weird shot - she's turned approx 180 at the waist...

3rd Jul 2003, 04:21
Originally posted by Aquarius
So you see Jess? In the end, we're all just fruit. :D
apples and oranges :D

i wanna take a screen shot of when at a certain angle, laras head is see-thru and u can see her eyes... but its scary cuz they're huge and bug eyed!!

4th Jul 2003, 04:14
I saw that - weird !!!

Here's a better shot of her...

4th Jul 2003, 08:40
The mouse is used in conjunction with the camera, but for movement I'd stick to the keyboard alone.

4th Jul 2003, 12:28
Told ya so, Told ya so, Told ya so... :D

I am really enjoying the game on PC...It's great......and I can't wait to see it on my PS2, as well. :p
Every TR game I have played has had little peculiar bits......

5th Jul 2003, 05:09
I haven't been able to sell anything to the pawn shop - even the diamond ring - am I to early, or is this a prob ???

I'll ask in the AOD Forum too...