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2nd Jul 2003, 01:24
I have $354.92. I have enough money to buy etheir a gamecube with a couple games or a academic version of Lightwave 3D 7. I have been wanting a gamecube since last summer mainly due to the fact that Resident Evil was coming out for it then. But I have also been wanting to learn a good 3D package. I'ved played around with Lightwave Discovery and I fell in love with the interface. I even was able to model a low-poly human body without a head,hands, and feet!

Someday I would like to start a career in 3D and maybe work for a company that does full-motion 3D videos for films, commercials, games, etc. I mainly want a gamecube for Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, and Resident Evil 4. I also wouldn't mind playing Mario Sunshine, Eternal Darkness, and Sonic Mega Collection. Some future gamecube titles that have me some-what anxious are Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snake, Final Fantasy Crystle Chronicles, and Mario 128 (working title). I might even get Sonic Adventure DX, but I think I could live without it.

I already own a Playstation 2 and I'm very happy with it. Exspecially since I own tomb raider: angel of darkness . I currently do not want a xbox at the moment since the only games I seem to be wanting are Panzer Dragoon Orta, Crazy Taxi 3, and the unannouced Shenmue III.

So if anyone could please help me with my desicion, that would be great.


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