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2nd Jul 2003, 01:22
Well TS2 kicked alot of booty... but it has alot more potential. The new life system was a good add on 'cause that showed the strength of the automatics better. The drop from the sifi-auto rifle to the plasma auto rifle kinda hurt it though. the minigun is the badest ever but the tactial 12 didn't replace the assalt shotgun well. Um... mapmaker. Stackable boxes would be nice for cover fire. Jungle levels would be fun also. That could bring back the M-16. Armor peircing rounds wound be cool for shooting beyond walls but that shouldn't be over done. Side items... Jet packs, x-ray vision or infrared, homing disruptor, etc. This is supposed to be the future after all. All this and more would be great additions to TS3. I am not tryin' to change the game but just suggesting new stuff from a hardcore player to a badass company.

2nd Jul 2003, 08:29
been made like a thousand other threads about this. but ok

i want an automatic scifi handgun, a way better sniper(1 hit kills damnit), a railgun, flame mines, a flak gun or cannon, a bazooka, a warhead, a nuke, a shield (it would be like a weapon but you can hold it with one hand and have one gun in the other. like ctb, you can only have 1 gun if its a x2 gun), ability to pick up objects and throw or hit with em, grabbing punch moves (mabye for alt fire), a better lasergun (please...laser guns are sposed to be badazz. the one in ts2 is poo.), m16's, take off the brick(what a pointless thing...), knives, nightvision goggles, flamethrower alt fire throw the fuel can (bomb), a nailgun (lol), and a ton ass more levels for multiplayer. and ofcourse huge memory in mapmaker and all the mapmaker stuff said in other threads.

2nd Jul 2003, 14:06
make all the single player story levels playable in multiplayer, bring back the uzis, get a gun that shoots through walls (like the rail driver in Red faction) and if possible, introduce scenery damage (also like Red faction)

10th Jul 2003, 20:39
um Sci fi aoutorifle.

planet X again as a multiplayer map.

4 way CTB that rocked. Can do mode as a team game. Team elemination.

Mingun x2

more stationary guns. BOts use stationary guns

16th Jul 2003, 01:43
TimeSplitters 2 was a great game, but in TimeSplitters 3 we need....


an M16 with a grenade launcher for alt fire would be nice. a grappling hook would kick ass. one shot kill sniper rifle rocks. bigger stages for capture the bag would be good. a railgun with customizable color for the slug trails would be cool. a Riot Guage with different kinds of ammo is cool (Flame shells, Lightning shells, Explosive Shells, etc...), and maybe be able to throw a gun after the last of the ammo is gone would be cool. More Turrents, more characters, more stages. And I would like to see ASSULT mode with a choice of sides so one player can assult the base and another can defend it.

thatz about it for me

17th Jul 2003, 20:22
Ah, yes. I forgot assult. We need two player assult. Not like on teams, but against each other. My base vs. your base sort of thing. I did like assult but two teams of players would be a blast.

Um... death. Gorey realism should be added. After all, this is a shoot'em up. I fire a rocket, I wanna watch them blow up. If a robot dies, they should explode damaging anyone near them but give them a short circut stall to be fair about it.

The gun cameras in the Training ground was an awsome idea. You need to throw them in mapmaker.

Full sized boards. All story mode areas should be full sized in multiplayer mode. The compound was dissapointing when I found you couldn't go through the entire level. The dam, the robot factory, neo-tokyo would have been fun to play on as well.

So says Gravewizard!!!

Abe Lincoln
18th Jul 2003, 18:29
Better AI for custom maps. Mine were so big an confusing that the bots ran to a certain point and then just stood still. More space on mapmaker. More Assault levels. And the ability to make assault levels in mapmaker.