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1st Jul 2003, 19:43
I'm noticing a lot of pc issues..

But I'm noticing it's system error and not game error.. Such as video display issues and res issues due to older machines.

Typical run down..

Update detonator drivers if using a nvidiia card.. Needs newer detonator drivers to work with directx9 properly.. Nvidia released new drives in the middle of may and I bet theres even newer ones now knowing them..

Update soundcard drivers.. Creative did release new drivers after the release of dx9.

If you meet min sys requirements expect issues.. Developers set lower requirements to make sales.. Doesn't mean you'll be trouble free.. I remember way back when doom 2 was that way.. Met the min and i had to do a cold boot everytime to play.. This was back in the 486 days..


If you get error messages post them to this thread.. I'll try to help out a tad.. And as I play it I'll see what I find as well..

Just remember.. this happens with every new pc game.. Go to any pc game forum and you'll see countless threads of people saying "it's got lots of bugs" but it's usualyl just a system issue more then anything..

As far as critique about story and control. Those are personal issues.. ;)..

1st Jul 2003, 20:00
Occasionally I have severe rendering problems on a computer with a Radeon 7000 PCI. For one, the bartender in the Serpent Rouge... well, he has no face. And there's another problem that comes and goes - Lara's leg (one or the other) seems to stretch to the corner of the screen, as if there was a point there. Then sometimes the "hand" icon will appear, and if you pres <Ctrl>, lara walks/side-steps to an item... somewhere, even through walls, and picks it up. I got out of the cemetary that way ;) The change in gameplay suggests to me that it's not just a graphics glitch. It was the worst when Lara fell into that garbage dump (cutscene). Her legs, hair, breasts, and jacket all did it, but not at the same time.

1st Jul 2003, 20:16
I had the same problem with the bartender as well as the jacket and leg seeming like they are stuck to the ground and stretching along ground. This game is buggy and theres nothing wrong with our setups. I have other games that run perfect with no anomalies. I run it with a TI4600 myself.


1st Jul 2003, 20:22
I haven't noticed this yet.. I'll check it out tonight..

1st Jul 2003, 20:36
I'm very frustrated, I can't get past the training level......I climbed up the drainpipe onto the roof the first time with no trouble, but after going back down, every subsequent time I've tried to climb up it the game freezes TOTAllY when I get near the top. The sound then goes funny, making lots of hissy, staticky noises. I have to switch the whole PC off, or Reset it, as it won't respond to anything else.


My PC (less than a year old)

Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz
256 MB RAM
60 GB disk
ATI Radeon 8500 LE
Creative Audigy Soundblaster
Windows XP

Thanks, Raven xx

1st Jul 2003, 20:41
If eax is enabled.. disable it.. eax causes freezes.. did for me in matrix.. Also try starting the training level from scratch and delete your previous save game..

1st Jul 2003, 20:45
Thanks for the speedy response, Deviancy...how do I disable eax, BTW? (I'm sort of dumb with computers, although I can normally make them do what I want....) :rolleyes:

1st Jul 2003, 21:25
I can't even get my game started. I just bought the PC version today and installed it with no trouble, however when I click on 'run game' it brings up this error message: SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE. I don't have a clue what that means or how to fix it. I tried downloading some nviddiia drivers, but they won't work because they said it didn't detect drivers or cards which would support them or something like that. How do I fix this? I don't have any money to update my drivers or anything like that; is there something I can download? I'm sooo frustrated! :(

1st Jul 2003, 21:35
Screenshots for disabling eax when I get home..

D3d sounds like dx9.. But just for fun..

Remove the video card from the device manager.. reboot.. run the setup on the new video drivers.. try again..

1st Jul 2003, 21:48
I have what would be a text issue. Everytime there's an apostrophe (') in dialogue, or in Von Croy's notebook, i get a box instead.

1st Jul 2003, 21:49
Originally posted by horsecrazy
I can't even get my game started. I just bought the PC version today and installed it with no trouble, however when I click on 'run game' it brings up this error message: SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE. I don't have a clue what that means or how to fix it. I tried downloading some nviddiia drivers, but they won't work because they said it didn't detect drivers or cards which would support them or something like that. How do I fix this? I don't have any money to update my drivers or anything like that; is there something I can download? I'm sooo frustrated! :(

Horsecrazy, That means it cant initialize a 3d rendering device. Make sure enable is checked under the settings in the popup screen when you click on icon to play game. Go to the settings then video options tab. The vid option tab will be the name of your gfx card. I hope this helps

1st Jul 2003, 22:09
the ' error is minor.. I'm not even bothering playing with options on that one. I'm sure a patch will resolve that. They just did an oopsie on the font.. no biggie.. I don't know how to read anyways..

As for the d3d.. Like I said.. it's either dx9 or the video card drivers.. Then run the video setup again like kingsely said..

The only flaw I have no answer on is this leg thing that others are talking abotu.. I haven't seen it yet.. Screenshots would help..

1st Jul 2003, 22:21
yeah, i had the bartenders face messed up also...i thought it was because i had just changed the screen resolution....but that is no biggie

1st Jul 2003, 22:32
i'm currently experiencing very bad quality FMV during the intro and cut scenes. if i play the individual FMV files through windows media player then they look great but when they are played during the game they look really poor. like as if the resolution is too low to fit the screen and/or there are colours missing or something.

also if i run the game at 1280x1024 @60hz refresh rate then i get garbled menu options so i'm forced to play it at 1024x768 @85mhz.

1st Jul 2003, 23:04
Enable is checked, but I don't understand the rest of what you guys are saying. How do I remove the video card from the device manager? (Sorry, I'm not that great with computers. :( ) Can you please try and explain this a little more? Thanks for your help. The good news is that I have 2 computers, and I installed the game to my newer one and it works like a charm...however, my parents don't really want games on this one, so I need to figure out how to get it to run on the other one. Any help for a bumbling idiot is greatly appreciated! ;)

1st Jul 2003, 23:06
For me, whenever there's an apastrophe, it becomes a box. Also, in one of the very first tutorial messages, "steer" is spelled "stear." It's possible that's a european spelling, but I don't know. Big bug - every once in a while (it happened twice in about 6 hours of playing, the first incident being when I climbed onto the roof in the tutorial), the game flashes a blue screen saying something about a memory error, then the computer simply resets. I havn't been able to read the message so I can elaborate.

1st Jul 2003, 23:15
Deviancy i can send ya a pic if ya want i grabbed a screen of it. Just send me your e-mail.

1st Jul 2003, 23:16
I know for one that if you're using Windows XP, EdgeOfEpsilon, that's XP's "BSOD" (blue screen of death). In the past Windows versions you would have an option to get rid of the BSOD if at all possible and continue, but in XP, it truely is the BSOD, and if you look in the Control Panel option "System" (just press WindowsKey+Pause/Break) go into the advanced tab, go to Startup and Recovery, and look under the "System Failure" option, Automatically Restart is checked, so that it immediately restarts before you can read what it says. However, you have to understand hexadecimals, because most of the time that's what information is displayed. Also, the name of a small log file is there, and where it's located is also in that window. It reads the same information as the BSOD you saw. This most likely is a hardware setting issue, i've had that happen with SimCity 4 if i have AA on before i start up SC4. I have to make sure it's off or set to Program Controlled before i start SC4 in order to avoid a BSOD.

Of course, this is all assuming you have Windows XP, and i hope that most of that info that i got from my Win XP Pro computer is accessable in Win XP Home in the event that you have Home on your computer.

1st Jul 2003, 23:30
Yes, it was XP, and I'm aware of the BSOD. Would it be helpful if I posted that log file on this thread?

1st Jul 2003, 23:58
Hmm, i dunno, i doubt it, really. Just because there isn't a lot that can be done, it's a Windows/Hardware related issue, not really a TR issue.

2nd Jul 2003, 00:07
Originally posted by EdgeOfEpsilon
Occasionally I have severe rendering problems on a computer with a Radeon 7000 PCI. For one, the bartender in the Serpent Rouge... well, he has no face.

lol! i just got mine and started to play, and that has happened too. Oh and btw, when you clicked new game, did the movie with here and von croy go on, cuz it didnt with me, i just started to play. oh well, the game is AWESOM!

2nd Jul 2003, 00:46
Here is list of bug's i have found : http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=208312#post208312

2nd Jul 2003, 00:52
First off.. I had that card.. Geforce 4 mx right? Not the best card. Makes these newer games look off...

The aiming however.. hrmm.. must look into this..

2nd Jul 2003, 01:25
Yeah, the GeForce4 MX line is just budget cards that i never saw a reason to get. I had one and realized it was NOT capable of doing what i needed it to do (usage of alpha blending and the such for MS Flight Sim 2002), so i spent an extra $100 to get one from the Titanium line. I suggest the GeForce FX, one of them is really cheap right now, and i think almost all the FX line has the same features with the exception of their increased memory, memory speed, clock speed and AGP interface. In fact, i think they're all AGP 8x, which would suck for me because i have only 4x.

2nd Jul 2003, 02:15
Okay, what in God's name does THIS mean?


The game crashed in Le Serpent up after the slide, i jumped off of it and i went to hop that little gap and she turned left, then i was sent to the desktop with a window saying THAT.

2nd Jul 2003, 02:37
I'm like the savior.. Here are a few screenshot tips...


This is the control schematic but through the game and not the setup menu.. Like all eidos games.. you can tweak settings through a applet or the game.. gotta love that..

This is on a usb gravis gamepad..

Sorry about the quality.. that's my end.. I had to make it smaller

The only option here that is odd is sprint.. She sprints normally if the walk key isn't turned on... And yeah.. walk doesn't have to be held down... it stays on after being pressed.. Draw works great..

Heres the issue.. The selection menu isn't mappable so it's not there.. It defaulted to my select key on my gravis gamepad for some reason.. This does need to be fixed imo..

It's also not mappable from the keyboard layout from what I saw.. quite odd... but it is there at least.. and select is the logical key I guess..

2nd Jul 2003, 02:40
Next up is audio...


This is from the normal applet setup..

Kinda complex but kinda easy.. As you can see in the bottom left.. you can uncheck eax.. This will help those of you who have lower ended systems.. Hell, it helps me from time to time since I always multitaks and have irc, icq, aim, yahoo etc open as I play my games..

These are all default for me.. I didn't tweak anything here..

A few people were having audio issues tho so this is where you go to disable eax and check to see what drivers you're running and whatnot.. Audio will cause a game to lockup so be careful :)..

2nd Jul 2003, 02:46
Next up is video and video2.. Video is a BIG screen.. so it needed two screenshots..


Pretty self explanatory.. screen format.. 16 bit for you geforcemx monkeys if yer smart.. 32 if you have no issues.. Screen res.. well everyone knows the rundown there.. The refresh rate is a nice added bonus.. usually games just use whatever they want or the desktop default.. But this may cause issues for players who aren't sure..

These settings are all default except the screen res that I changed.. Disabling bumpmaps may also speed the game up for you p4 1.x peeps.. So if the game is sluggish try playing with screen res.. screen format.. and try disabling bumpmaps.. you should get a increase in speed hopefully..


I won't touch this part.. cubemaps? uh no thanx.. sticking with default. Texture and depth.. same thing.. I may bump those up to 32 but i dunno.. maybe later..

And nvida shadows hrmm.. sounds more fx like.. dunno..

TOoo many damn video settings..

2nd Jul 2003, 03:28
AGREED! There are too many damned video settings. I was like, GRR, what does half this stuff mean anyway? It seems to be okay as long as i keep my resolution down.

2nd Jul 2003, 13:44
MUAHHAHAHAHAHAH that menu rulezZZZZ!!!
Finally you can customize things!

2nd Jul 2003, 16:04
Running on a 2.2GHz laptop with nVidia's GeForce 440 32M video card and Yamaha AC-XG audio chipset (v6.13.10.2152 drivers, the latest possible). Video is slow as a dog, but haven't been thru all the permutations of settings yet. Worse problem, and I've tried ALL audio options, but the in-game voices (not FMV's) talk at the speed of a chipmonk. Lara sounds like Alvin & the Chipmonks from years ago!

No idea how to correct this issue. Music and SFX are fine. Only the voice plays at 8x normal speed. Ideas? Suggestions? Quit?

2nd Jul 2003, 16:41
The yamaha is onboard? Have you tried tossing a pci sound card in the system? Onboard can be tricky.. And you have eax disabled by default I'd think..

Full install? Custom install? WHich install?

I'd actually suggest a defrag and a reinstall of the game.. Then let me know more about the yamaha.. Only thing I know about Yamaha is they used to make nice dirt bikes.

The video you're out of luck on.. It's a geforce 440.. you could run in like maybe 800x600 with 16 bit.. But you're probably already doing that..

But the voice could have been crapped out at the time of the install..

2nd Jul 2003, 16:58
Originally posted by Deviancy

Yes, it's a laptop, (Toshiba Stellite Pro 6100 2.2GHz, 512M, 60G, 32M nVidia) so it's audio on-board. I can play games like Star Trek Elite Force II at 1024x768 without any problems (audio & video). Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 runs at 1600x1200 on this thing great! As a matter of fact, this is the ONLY game I'm having problems with of this high-end type.

I did the full install so I don't need the CD to play.
This is the link to their drivers page. (http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/lsi/us/support/downloads.html)
I didn't install the EAX drivers (figured that would be useless without a Creative chipset.)

Haven't tried a re-install. This is my only other option. But if I can't get a resolution to the
GeForce4 440 (http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=geforce4go) problem, then what's the use. (And you're right, I can only do 640x480x16 and even then it's sluggish. The video settings recognize all the abilities of the graphics chipset, but they just don't work.)

I'm just curious if anyone else has this type of problem, or is it this game just don't support my audio chipset? (I've tried software emulation, and all other options in the settings to no avail.)

Thanks for the reply.

2nd Jul 2003, 17:03
Well my Problem is after the intro is done i just get a black screen. I have sound and video but after the intro it everything goes black and nothing happens.

Im running
64 mb Geforce 2 mx 400
1.3 Ghz
Amd Athalon
512 mb Ram
Windows Xp

Any suggestions or solutions.

2nd Jul 2003, 17:09
Please correct me if i'm wrong but i don't believe the g4 440 has Hardware T & L.

2nd Jul 2003, 17:19
Gush!! This game is a total BUG!! and I'm saying not only abot tech/ features.. And after 3 years I have nothing to say but........IT"S JUST NOT FINISHED!!! When we asked her to show us something that would get us excited again, she opted for breast-enhancement surgery instead. Angel of Darkness gives us a prettied-up Lara, but she's still just running through the same motions we first saw seven years ago, and it's just not worth fifty bucks to see her turn her tricks anymore. The Angel of Darkness lives up to absolutely none of its hype and is an early contender for "Worst Game of the Year."..... :(

2nd Jul 2003, 18:49
Thanks for posting the helpful screenshots, Deviancy. However, the whole EAX section on my settings box thingy is greyed out, so presumably EAX is not running in the first place.
At any rate, my game is now freezing more and more often. As I said, every time this happens there is nothing I can do except switch the whole damn PC off and start from scratch

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

2nd Jul 2003, 19:09
Landru and Waffle..

The video issues are kind of apparent.. It doesn't seem like the 440 can handle this game. Now I understand other games do but let's see what happens when you try max payne 2 in a few months.. If they up the requirements you may have issues there as well. The 440 benchmarks really low and on some games it ran fine.. like Nocturne.. blair witch.. but on other games like Max Payne.. it was iffy.. I mean nothing totally noticable but it wasn't the best.

I had issues like that with sound because of ram/video issues before.. sometimes it can cause a issue with sound because of the way things are sync'd up.. And you said it didn't happen during the fmvs and that's when there isn't a game running so it would make sense. I'm assuming yuo mean the fmv's during the intro.. You did disable bumpmapping right.. if not do so now and then try.. And yeah, if there are video issues you can have sound issues..


Worst game of the year has to go to Matrix..

And not only for the bug issues but the sheer ugliness of the characters..

I mean the deformed coffee shop owner is easier on the eyes then jada smith in the matrix game..

That coffee shop owner graphic glitch is sooo funny tho.. he reminds me of someone from resident evil.. I'm waiting for nemesis to rip out...

2nd Jul 2003, 19:13

Do you know how to run dxdiag from the run menu?

Copy paste your video card driver info..
Sound card driver info

And give me your specs..

May have a few things for you to try..

ANd yeah, if you're not eax ready it will just be greyed out..

If you don't know how to run dx diag..

Start.. run... type in dxdiag.. hit ok..

What I"m looking for is..

Dxdiag will have a display tab.. click on that..

Take a screenshot..

Then click on the sound tab.. another screenshot..

Then the system tab and another screenshot..

Then email them to lunarnite@earthlink.net

Could also be a virtual memory/page file issue.

2nd Jul 2003, 19:19
I haven't been able to get past ST Aicard's graveyard because there are so many bugs in it. One time I dropped off of a mauseleum and instead of landing on the ground, I fell into limbo and had to reboot. Another time, I pressed action to open a door and Lara started walking backwards through level, even through the walls of the buildings, until she finally stopped and picked up some bullets. Then the game froze up. Another time, the dog attacked me and I drew my weapon. When I pressed the fire button, the died but I kept taking damage until I died. This game needs patched!!!!

2nd Jul 2003, 19:27
Give em a week.. I bet they'll have a patch out fast.. However, I can't say for sure what they'll try to fix. Your bug sounds like a actual bug.. A slow end system isn't going to make her walk backwards..

I noticed if I have my back to an object but it's somewhat close she will take backsteps and get it. Which I like cuz one of the things I disliked about the older games is it was more sensetive to just how close I was to the object. But at other times the lack of being right next to it gets me in trouble..

2nd Jul 2003, 19:27
Now here's my question, i would like to know, since the GeForce4 MX line is SOOO crappy that people should never get them in the first place, and all you can get is 640x480, then how come on my GeForce4 Titanium 4200 (the Ti line was originally some of the best graphics cards out there) i can only play at 800x600x32 because if i go any higher it starts to slow down??? I thought this thing is a super-powered chipset? I'm running the latest official nVidia drivers, though i'm sure that's the wrong thing to be doing, there's probably better ones floating around on Guru3d.com. I'm also running a P4 1.3 Ghz, so i'd hope that wouldn't be an issue, either. *sigh* Computer games get on my nerves. I think i'll go play my PS2 version for a while.

2nd Jul 2003, 20:30
Deviancy I wish you could help but I think these are all game not hardware issues.

My system is:

AMD XP2400
512Mb Ram
Win XP
Gigabyte MB

All of the graphics settings deliver the same problems with the game running as slow as a lame 3 legged dog. No to mention the following.

I was gutted when the install had complete and the intro played. The graphics are blocky and very blurred to the stage where the characters expressions and even faces are lost. This surely was not a new game but 3 or 4 years old.

However I persevered and started playing the game.

The cut scenes do get better (a lot better), to be honest it looks like the intro was the first part of the game done and it was never revisited,

Lara looks great, very realistic. The graphics are also great. Unless you play it for more then 30min, at which time Lara’s legs decide to take up the whole bottom right of the screen.

This is where it starts to get worse. Try and get her to move in a straight line. Not too bad??? Try and turn. Suddenly she stops running and slows to a crawl (not slow down she just starts walking). Fine movement is impossible, there is no movement or 5 steps forward, which generally covers half the screen.

Get her in to a narrow space (by narrow I mean a corridor wide enough for 2 characters), Lara just stops and spins on the spot (Very fast), and it only random button pressing over a minute or two will get her out.

I still carried on plodding through the first few area’s. Until a reached a ladder that I get on from the top. To my surprise Lara just freezes, no amount of button pressing or shouting will get her to move, until you let go of the ladder (The only button that does work on ladders), and plunge to your death. (Yes I tried dropping a few rungs, then holding on again. But you need to drop at least half the height of the ladder, before the controls suddenly start working again).

The next glitch came shortly after. When Lara’s legs expanded to always take up the whole of the bottom right of the screen. This happens no matter where she is.

I have not even covered the camera angle (which changes all the time, but never to where it should be), or the fact that you can only fire one gun at a time. What happened to the dual gun trade mark (I have not got far, so if it is introduced later in the game I apologise. At this rate though the game will be a coaster for my coffee cup by the end of the week).

One more point that needs some attention is this “ability” to power Lara’s strengths up. What a half ars*d attempt. So far the only point of this, has been to get you to aimlessly run around and backtrack. Until you find an unmarked crate looking exactly the same as 5 others that you have moved. Which miraculously strengthens your arms or legs. There is no pattern which part of you gets powered up. It all depends on the next obstacle you face.


If you are thinking of buying this. DON’T wait until at least the first too patches are released. (probably this time next year judging on current performance).

If you have bought it. When you have bullets never put your guns away or you are a gonner, and forget about hand to hand if there is more than one enemy. If you do not have bullets (which is more likely the case in early levels as it takes a whole clip per enemy bar 1 bullet, on the bright side for every 7 clips you get a free dead enemy J)

If you actually do read this whole post, and are still tempted to buy the game. Here is a great example of the quality of this game:

· On the first cut scene there are numerous missing characters in the conversational text.

If even the first cinematic has basic spelling or worse as in this case missing letters. Then the game is pre beta and should not be released.

Eidos owe us all our money back, plus an apology. Along with guaranteed assurances that the future looks brighter.

A note to Core. If it was your decision to release the game at this stage SHAME ON YOU. Kill the franchise or DELIVER.

If Core and Eidos can p*ss the die hards like us lot of. What will the public’s reaction be?

2nd Jul 2003, 20:34
Originally posted by Deviancy
I had issues like that with sound because of ram/video issues before.. sometimes it can cause a issue with sound because of the way things are sync'd up.. <cut>

Yeah, thought of that. Pulled back the video driver settings to not use system RAM, only use external 32M video RAM. Significant improvement in performance. Had to do that for a lot of other games as well. Running from system RAM sux!

Originally posted by Deviancy
And you said it didn't happen during the fmvs and that's when there isn't a game running so it would make sense. I'm assuming yuo mean the fmv's during the intro.. <cut>

ALL FMV's play fine (look crappy as everyone has already mentioned,) but play very smooth, video and audio synch'd great. Not only the intro, but all cutscenes too.

Originally posted by Deviancy
You did disable bumpmapping right.. if not do so now and then try.. And yeah, if there are video issues you can have sound issues.. <cut>

Yes, like I say, I haven't quite gone thru all the permutations on the video settings yet. I do not beleive I've done the BMPs yet. I'll let you know!

Thanks for the chance to talk about it!

2nd Jul 2003, 20:46
I was having the same exact problem as Waffler did.

So I went to the options and started to click around.. And I found out what was causing the menu not to come up after the movie clips..

Post processing..

Yup.. really ;)

Anyway.. Just disable post processing in the options and the problem is solved.. Good luck everyone.. :p

2nd Jul 2003, 21:23
You geforce mx users.. you have the updated drivers from 05/14/2003 right? If not get them..


That's the url for the xp/2k...

Also.. go into the task manager and performance while the game is alt+tabbed.. check cpu usage and processing and whatnot..

So far the known bugs..

's missing in text during training..
Coffee owner looks like resident evil nightmare
Compat issue with 98
Possible compat issue with geforce mx's..


A 1.3 with a 4200 may have slight issues. I had a 1.8 with a geforce III which benchmarks kinda similar to the geforce 4 ti4200... I had issues with Bloodrayne which wasn't as thick in detail like aod. Does the 4200 have 32, 64 or 128?

I just got midnight club 2.. It really pushes things.. and you can't run the texture at 16.. has to be 32..

No bugs as of yet in that game but it has the mapping issues slightly and the option selection is sad.. Rockstar needs to do what eidos does and allow options to be set prior to opening the game..

Also.. how many of you are running sdramm instead of ddr?

Ddr does boost things just a tad..

Also.. these geforces.. are any of them manufac'd by abit?

2nd Jul 2003, 21:46
Deviancy nice no comment.... But I have resolved the issues (well most). I will start a new thread just incase this info is helpful.

With the system that I mentioned earlier.

After messin with a load of the settings. I tried default on all, except for the options where I could select between 8/16 or 32bit on the graphics tab. After selecting 32 on all of them, all but some minor slowdown and control problems where corrected.

The game now looks awsome and if you can get past the minor control problems and slowdown it is worth playing.

I still get alot of slowdown and the game generally runs in slow mo (which suites the response of the controls).

2nd Jul 2003, 21:57
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before... but...
I've experienced this a couple of times, and It really pisses me off...

When I played the intro level, I jumped into a wall, and suddenly I was in MM Clavier's appartment... hrm...

later in the game, on the roof of Le Louvre, I jumped for one of the ladders, and suddenly the alarm went off, and I was back in the ventilation system... hrm...

At the Serpent Rouge, Lara suddenly flew across the stage-floor, and ended up in the ticket-room...

Eidos should be paying US for beta-testing for them... not the other way round!!!

2nd Jul 2003, 22:00
At me is not present FMV videos absolutely! What format of a file mpg? At me stands Windows Media Player 9 tried to played for videoclips to them gives out a error in the program! Others players too have refused to play. VirtualDub has opened a file and played. What for was to use mpeg an out-of-date format when is bik or divx?

In what there can be a problem that that to install? What that of the driver for mpg a format?

2nd Jul 2003, 22:13
all ok. movies played, i restart the PC and install update for win media player 9.

2nd Jul 2003, 22:15
For those with the slowdown issues..

Video card


I'm thinking min req means it will run but poorly.. I have seen this with betas before. And we all know AOD was indeed rushed out.. Had to meet a deadline.. Now we just have to sit and relax until a patch works out whatever issues we don't work out here..

I do feel bad for the ps2 users tho.. no way around that. Unless eidos tosses out a second edition and they can do returns.. But that's kinda slim..

2nd Jul 2003, 22:36

I have 64 MB DDR, and it's a Vertigo-brand GF4. Just wondering, my 384 MB of system RAM has no bearing on this, right? Well, that's 800mhz RD-RAM, by the way. i mean, there's so many options greyed out in the video settings, and then the 2 lower options are greyed out under the EAX settings, but i guess that's because i have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. I'm considering what to do this month, upgrade the processor along with the motherboard (i want to jump to the high 2 Ghz to possibly 3 Ghz P4's) or i can upgrade to a GeForce FX. I did make the jump to 1024x768x32 on the game and it's at least playable, but the fog option is turned on and the fog won't show up. I mean, there's so much tweaking involved in this game it's not even funny.

Oh, and Nvidia's 44.65 detonators are available on Guru3d.com, should i possibly use those?

2nd Jul 2003, 22:45
I think they gave us lots of tweaking because they wanted to make it run on lower end systems.. If Tomb Raider was what it was back in the day they wouldn't have tried so hard. But we're talking about a mainstream character with a big market. And not everyone has a high end system.. anywho..

Turtle beach is going to give you some issues..

Try to stick with the big brands..


Impressive video card.. but like I said.. the benchmarks on the 4200 did not impress me.. Heres the funny thing.. It's all beefed up and amd users get higher benchmarks with it then p4 users.. Something with amd processors takes advantage of the board..

Also.. remember.. these chipsets are done by many manufac's.. MSI, abit, pny, hercules, etc... Heres the odd thing.. The MSI geforce 4 ti4400 64ddr.. out performs the geforce 4 ti4600 with 128ddr.. MSI did something but who knows what..

I hate benchmarks..

I went through 6 video cards last season.. tested all of them.. The abit g4 4400's kept crashing the pc.. The ati boards blew.. the mx boards blew.. So I ended up with pny's 4400.. Isn't peaking as well as the msi one but eh..

2nd Jul 2003, 22:54
Im on the Graveyard level--but cant get passed it--because the Textures are missing--and i can see right through the building--Were you cross the platforms and they break--So im not sure what im doing-- My Graphics card is 3D Prophet2 GTS/Pro 64mb

My driver version is

Im downloading 1s from Nvidia site--44.03--to see if this will sort my prob out--

And n e 1 eles got a solution--or is this a 1 big bug?

2nd Jul 2003, 22:59
Hmmm... you have good points. And yeah, this is a PNY brand board... they just have, like, 2 names labelled there... LOL... But it is a PNY board. But i'm thinking that an upgrade on my motherboard is probably the best thing. I have 4 USB 1.1 ports and i need version 2 ports for a couple devices that i still can't use, such as the connection to my iPaq PocketPC. Plus, the new Flight Simulator comes out this month, and i know that FS has always been a processor-dependent game, not graphics-card dependent. I'm just not too sure how to handle this because i have a Dell Dimension 8100, which i have constantly been upgrading. I do want to go to an Audigy sound card at some point, but i'm okay right now with my Harman/Kardon HK695 speakers, i won't give up my cool-looking quadrophonic wine glasses for 5.1 surround, sorry :). I just need pointed in the right direction so that i'm getting a motherboard that is going to work with my computer but not be some cheap POS. I want something genuine Intel, since i'm going for a P4, but all the stuff i have to figure out, eek. I mean, no1 said it will fit in my case, either. At this rate i'll probably be building a brand new-system with a new case, which i don't have the money to do right now. I need 8x AGP at some point, too, if i decide to go with the GF FX in the future. Otherwise, i'm used to integrated networking, though i have an extra NIC that i could use. And above all, i don't want to order through Dell, they ripped me off on the price of 256 MB of RD-RAM, almost $200 for 2 modules of 128MB of RAM, i know i could have gotten it cheaper, but i'm afraid of compatability issues. Grr, i hate computers sometimes.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:03
Still no luck--i really need help--cus i cant get past the graveyard--If some1 tells me how to take a picture

My Graphics card 3D Prophet2 GTS/PRO 64mb

Driver version 44.03

Or is there away to skip this part

3rd Jul 2003, 00:15
cntrl+printscreen.. warning.. it may pause the game.. if it does hit control again.. after.. quickly exit the game and do a paste in the paint program..

3rd Jul 2003, 00:19
Shouldn't be any real spoilers in here, but a few references to areas of the game.

Graphical Bugs

Lots of objects with polygons that are textured only one size. Example shown with boxes below. Also occurs with leaflets in café, the tent walls shown in Mazod's thread, and loads of other little items. Not a major problem, in most cases, and something that perhaps requires many of the models to be retextured, so unlikely to be fixed, I expect.


Next, there's the same problem many others have reported, about things going off to the corner of the screen. Has only happened in cut-scenes for me, once here, shown below, and again when the 'bad guy' (I guess) was issuing instructions. As for Lara's jacket, that guy's jacket was also the problem, but only the bottom half, which I believe is free to float around, as for Lara - the top half is probably a fixed part of the model mesh. It happened to part of her hair, as the picture shows, too. Perhaps some clues for Core there if they're listening...


Area of wall in Paris that is untextured. Didn't go away with various changes in graphical setup and reloads, so I presume it's either missing good and proper, or its a tiny glitch in one of the files that was installed, making it reoccur.


Next, the café window. It has no texture, and I can simply see sky through it, along with a little dead-end alleyway that you're only meant to be able to see through the door on the left of the picture. That could be a graphical issue with just my card, but I haven't seen any other major 'omissions' like that, which someone should/would have noticed in testing if it was there for everyone.


Lastly, in certain areas, bringing up the inventory, or game menu (with Esc), gives me a flickery/rolling picture. And when playing in a darkened room, and opening the Notebook... I'm surprised I didn't develop epilepsy! :O Not sure what that's about, but it's recurring. In the graveyard it does it, and in the café it does it. In other places too, but I can't list them all off the top of my head. Furthermore, if I open the inventory in the graveyard, then close it, my frame rate drops to less than 5. If I hit F5 to save, then F9 to load, it'll be fine, until I open the inventory again and go back to the game. Then my frame rate dies again. Rather silly, but I'm guessing some particular memory doesn't get freed up as the inventory closes, or similar...

Gameplay Bugs

End of the first level, where you unlock the gate and climb down the ladder - Lara gets on the ladder and won't move. Someone else has mentioned this, although I had no problem using Action to drop her down a half-dozen rungs at a time. When she passes around the halfway mark, she can climb up/down again. However, if you up to the top, she's again stuck, and you have to drop with Action.

I've only got single guns (despite picking up numerous identical guns, but hey), and each time I fire, it takes the ammo count down by two. The 12 capacity gun only fires six times per cartridge. Since ammo is scarce, I don't like being shortchanged like this because I have to change gun after a few shots! I have no idea if this occurs for only me, or everyone, but it's always there for me, and has never changed...

I've just got to the part where Lara says she can smell oil. If I go to one of the two tanks, and she says "I think this is it, I better check the map", or something similar. Except... I can't. No way to view it in the inventory. I'm not sure if I'm meant to destroy both these tanks, or if I have to pick the right one, but it seems I am meant to be able to look at the map, and I can't! Probable bug, but clarification from someone else would be good. The resolution on the tiny map model that spins around in the inventory screen isn't enough to be of any help, though. I tried taking a huge screenshot of it with Ctrl-PrintScreen, but it just tiles the whole inventory window, as it does for the screen overlays when in game, which is another bug already mentioned - I'd have some lovely huge screenshots now if it wasn't for the multiple health bars appearing! :mad: I can't view the archaelogical map in my inventory either, not that I need it right now, but...

There's the thing where she turns her torso right around to look at you when you hit Look (which, strangely, is the Sprint key, I found after a long while - the manual isn't clear to point that this key is shared. The only way to tell is by the fact it gives the example of Sprint and Look at Numpad 0. :rollseyes: ). Seems to happen when you're standing at an edge, or in front of something you could step up on. Repeatable at those locations if you run away and come back, too.

Okay, I think that's all for now. There might be one or two more, but I'll come back and add to this if I remember them.

I used to hang around in alt.games.tombraider all the time, long-time fan, etc. I looked in there yesterday to see what had been said about AOD - I'd not looked into it, choosing ignorance as bliss, with no spoilers - but I was horrified to see so many negative posts. Then I got a mail saying it'd been posted, and it arrived this morning. Been playing it most of the day, and I quite like it. A few problems, and slightly sluggish controls (still playing with the keyboard, too - mouse control isn't how I expected it to be), but on the whole I think it's pretty good. Always good to develop your own opinion, I guess.

Oh, and rough system specs:
AMD XP2200
GeForce 3 (running 44.03s)
SBLive! 5.1
Win XP Pro
Running at 1024x768@85Hz, and generally quite well too.

Incidentally, I had the same problem with Pierre's face, but now it's gone. It went when I fiddled some options - try the Depth Pass check box, those who are having problems. That might be the one that fixed it because the other things I changed were mostly texture settings, I think.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:30

This is the prob im getting--i cant proceed n e more.

This is a link 2 ithttp://groups.msn.com/TheXmengroup/memeberspics.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=34[IMG]

3rd Jul 2003, 00:35
Wow, are you actually ment to see inside the building from out there ? I mean, where is the roof ?

LoL, you guys really must be tolerating alot to enjoy this game if you can ignore all those graphical/texture issues.

I think im gonna play it safe and wait a few months (or years) for patches before actually purchasing.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:37
I can go n e more--with this glich--is there away to skip it--or away to sort the prob out

me got a 3D Prophet2 GTS?PRO 64mb with a GeForce2 Pro chip set

3rd Jul 2003, 00:38
not play FMV video in game! :( i make full install. CD2 in drive.

in all windows players .mpgs failes played! in game not :(

i try change resolution 640x480x16bit
try to change windows media player file list check uncheck file types.
try to switch another player.

maybe problem in refresh rate?
What full path should be to video files? Folder Data/FMV? Names mpgs files capital letters?
Game that can does not see on what to the reason of these videofiles?

system: Windows ME, Detonator 43.45, DirectX 9.0a, Windows Media Player 9, GF Ti4200

help! i want watch videos in game!

3rd Jul 2003, 00:51
n e 1 http://groups.msn.com/TheXmengroup/memeberspics.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=34

My prob

Has n e 1 eles has this

3rd Jul 2003, 01:02

What you need to do there, is drop off the ledge you are facing, and shimmy to the right of the picture - either until you run out of grip or you stop, which will be about the same anyway. Then you have a wire to jump up to and traverse.

Pretty ugly problem indeed, though :( Good luck!

3rd Jul 2003, 01:38
Nope no luck--its either i wait for patch--or can some1 tel me how to skip this part-or does some 1 have a save file--for just after this bit?

3rd Jul 2003, 01:39
If you go into closeup mode on a keypad or number pad and you DON'T know the correct code to enter - there's no way to EXIT from the keypad closeup and get back to Normal Gameplay. I tried everything - ended up having to kill the game manually and revert to my last save. What a bug filled piece of crap this game is!

3rd Jul 2003, 02:30
There is a way to exit the keypads. Not sure what it is, but it can be done, because I did it. And to be sure that it was one key that did it, rather than just entering a wrong number or something, I repeated it to check.

I'd say to try hitting Enter, but I can't remember for certain.

But maybe you're a special case, if it hadn't crashed and you'd literally tried everything...

3rd Jul 2003, 04:04
The further I get into the game - the buggier it is! The early parts weren't too bad (relatively speaking), but from the Tomb of the Ancients on - it's get worse! The game freezes up - the save Game function doesn't save properly, yada, yada, yada.

I've been a business application developer for 23 years and if I had turned out ANY application as bug-filled as this - I wouldn't have been employed for long! The Projrct Manager at Core should now be looking for a job! What a piece of crap this game is! EIDOS has gotten the last $ they will ever get from me!

3rd Jul 2003, 04:21
I open up the save game option and it says game saved successfully, but I can't find it. In the Load game page nothing comes up.

3rd Jul 2003, 23:32
Like Horsecrazy I get SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE when I try to play, when I go to sttings there is no tab for video there.
I'm on a HP 733n with S3 ProSavageDDR
I have downloaded MS Drivers for DirectX9 and NVIDIA drivers niether works. Any suggestions. Thanks

7th Jul 2003, 15:45
Hi Folks, I get the same problem as 'MrRaier79'. Half the graveyard is invisible!!!

I DO have the latest ATI Catalyst drivers (For a Radeon 8500/Athlon XP) running Windows XP Home.

I hope someone can advise me of a solution to this serious flaw. Apart from this the rest of the game has been good.


7th Jul 2003, 16:23
Iv still not got past this bit because of the Graphics glich--has any 1 got a Savegame file for just after this point. My E-mail


7th Jul 2003, 16:57
I've got all the usual bugs, missing textures etc too, but one thing I don't see mentioned yet is that I can't enable EAX at all. In the "settings" application it says that eax was not detected. I have an Audigy 2 soundcard with dx 9.0a and the latest creative drivers. EAX works in other games just fine.

I am running WinXP home with the AOD patch installed. Any ideas? DXDiag reports no errors.

Pentium 4 2.4B 533Mhz FSB
1GB PC2100 Dual Channel DDR
Asus P4G8DLX motherboard
ATI Radeon 9700 pro with Catalyst 3.5
Audigy 2 with latest drivers
WinXP Home SP 1
DX 9.0a

7th Jul 2003, 18:02
OMG i have found the most ridiculous bug.

if i stand at a certain point facing a wall on the aquatic research level and do a roll, Lara says, "this ledge is too far......." and then suddenly i am presented with the loading screen for The Vault of Trophies!!! it loads and i have basically skipped a whole level. I am getting so tired of this rubbish!!!! what's more is i can reproduce the same bug each time!!!!! OMG.

7th Jul 2003, 18:53
Originally posted by Mustang

Next, the café window. It has no texture, and I can simply see sky through it, along with a little dead-end alleyway that you're only meant to be able to see through the door on the left of the picture. That could be a graphical issue with just my card, but I haven't seen any other major 'omissions' like that, which someone should/would have noticed in testing if it was there for everyone.

Yep, I also get exactly the same texture problems when I play the game, the Café windows, couple of missing textures on buildings in Parisian Ghetto.

I'm also using a GeForce3 card (43.45 drivers), so maybe it's a card/drivers issue.

Haven't had any gameplay bugs/crashes yet though, only texture related stuff.


7th Jul 2003, 21:34
Anyone else noticed that the guy working the punch bag in the church is missing his beard?

That's because it's floating about 4 foot above his head. :D


7th Jul 2003, 23:04
I've got another bug: the two status bars at the top left of the screen are always blank now! Not sure what caused this or when it started.

:( Yeesh! This is crazy!

8th Jul 2003, 00:56
When walking around and such, the hand icon sometimes comes up. By pressing the Action button, Lara will pick something up! In Le Serpant Rouge, I was against a wall on the 2nd story (right after the jump) and I pressed action. Lara amazingly walked in thin air across the entire place to the control room to pick up a piece of candy! LOL. It happened again in the graveyard, except this time I was not strong enough to kick the door and I had to reload the game :(

8th Jul 2003, 04:30
A poster had a SYSTEM BUILD ERROR or something like that in some spot...I had one too:
got one of those bugs near the end w/Return of Boaz: after killing the Big one...cut-scene: THEN Curtis was just standing at bottom of screen w/gun/hands in AIR like falling...& all else was black.....finally a BUILD ERROR came up. I restarted & worked the next time.

Also there's a bug in Sanitarium: where DR. gets killed by the beast:........when you go thru the shafts & try to BACKTRACK, it's 'funny'...Curtis leers off on the side & all his movements are completely weird, backwards...like is set to walk on SIDE of wall.......actually I was able to finally get him back to where dr. was killed, but took some doing. I never did any more backtracking after that.

Also the Ghost: IF I kept shooting at him after a while it seemed like he COMPLETELY QUIT the 'floating still'...ALSO he grew a big LEG APPENDAGE, or like a big 2x4 was parading him around.
& of course I had the invisible shotgun.

BIODOME: shoot beast first from 'porch' then IF you step up on railing & hand down...the 3 buggies will all get STUCK in different places: as long as you don't kill them all.......you can go all over the place w/no worrys...& of course climb that secret little pipe or whatever, lol

8th Jul 2003, 13:20
I managed to get most of the graveyard back: It looks like it's to do with saving the game in the apartment.

If you can load-up an earlier save game and wander-off through the paris ghetto areas for a while, then when you go upto to the apartment (without saving) and out the other door the graveyard might be there(!!!).

That's what I did anyway.
good luck.

8th Jul 2003, 22:05
well, the game is wonderful!!.But I have a problem: i can't see the videos... for example:when you start to play, normally, there is a video showing some information like a preview but I cannot see any video. Do you know why?

8th Jul 2003, 22:22
Originally posted by VanCleef
Anyone else noticed that the guy working the punch bag in the church is missing his beard?

That's because it's floating about 4 foot above his head. :D


LOL funniest bug EVER.

8th Jul 2003, 22:48

I get this exact same error when i try to run the game. Anyone know what it is. When the autorun starts I press run game and a box pops up that says Enumerating Audio device and then I get that error message.

I can't even start the game. If I hit settings I get the same message.

Can anyone help?

9th Jul 2003, 23:31
I bought AOD and
I have that SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE thingy
I'm running the game on a windows 98 a really fast windows 98.
I would put it on my dads window XP but he won't let me put any games on his computer. here is a screen of the settings please tell me what is wrong I want to play.


I don't know what's wrong?????

11th Jul 2003, 20:02
98 has dxdiag.. run dxdiag.. need a screenshot of your graphic card drivers..

Render type software?

Shouldn't that be hardware?

11th Jul 2003, 20:10
I am also having weapons trouble even after installing the new patch. I'm picking up ammo like crazy and some weapons, however the ammo doesn't seem to accrue to the ammo inventory. Things seemed to work fairly well before the patch; however I cannot say for certain when the ammo/weapons problems started.:rolleyes:

11th Jul 2003, 22:41
i am allways getting this msg before the cutscene for the final battle at elkhards lab

Build Jul 2 2003 17:02:05

The Following Error has occured


i have tha patch and no matter what setting i change the same error at the same time will occur......

12th Jul 2003, 00:33
I've only made it to Bouchard's hideout under the cemetary and I already experienced a parade of bugs. One of Lara's legs disappears whenever I get close to anything that isn't a completely flat wall. She spins so fast on stairs that I feel nautious. I can stand next to the wall in the room in Bouchard's hideout with the crack in the wall (just before the area with the cells) and a hand icon will appear. Then if I hold action, Lara will walk through walls, coffins, beds, bars, boxes, etc...until she reaches an object that she can pick up. I've done this 3 times so far...the only reason I've stopped is I ended up stuck inside a cell with a closed door! I had to restart the game when I fell through the first collapsible floor in the hideout. I made the mistake of jumping up & landing right at the point where the sloping ground levels out & Lara froze in midair! I've seen the inside of Lara's head more times than I can count. I admit, I was extremely pissed that Eidos/Core kept delaying this game, but I would have rather waited another year for the finished game than experience this torture! Unfortunately, I fancy myself a collector of the Tomb Raider series, so I can't bring myself to return it! Hopefully, these bugs will be patched soon...after reading the other posts I'm terrified of the bugs to come. If I had produced code as buggy as this game, I would be tendering my own resignation out of sheer shame.

12th Jul 2003, 02:28
If you loved the floating beard, you're gonna love these... Gravity defying fish, messed up polygon normals...




You can shoot at it while it's floating above the water, but I haven't tried killing it in this manner yet. I've also seen Lara leaving floating footprints too.


12th Jul 2003, 11:59

12th Jul 2003, 21:18
I havent seen this one posted anywhere yet. From time to time Lara just wont run. I have to either reload the game or do a transition to a new area and then she will have her run back. Now tho i stupidly have been saving in one slot (mostly cuz its going so well) and i made it thru the sewers to the Louvre Museum and made the first running jump and then bam! next running jump i cant run!! i reloaded the game i rebooted computer nothin works
there is absolutely no way out of that level if u cant make the jumps you canht back track to the last area

has anyone else gotten this problem

i had the fx 52oo black screen which eidos tech helped me fix and i have a built in sound card so i had the chipmunk sound and i read how to fix that and did

i have not noticed much in the way of deformed graphiocs cuz hell i wouldnt know what to look for

i thought the weird reflection at cafe metro was supposed to be that way !!!!!! LOL bah

i love this game
i love lara
i love eidos
i dont care if its buggy
im just so happy theres a new game out and now i am also just so happy that i can actually play it

anyway can i ask if anyone has a saved game at the end of the sewers just before u go into the louvre?

is that allowed here?

if not ignore that i said that

if its ok then somebody post it or email me at my hotmail email
which is catalyzt64@hotmail.com
i only use that one for spam LOL

either just before entering louvre or somewhere right at the start of louvre

ill check back if i can remember how to get here

13th Jul 2003, 09:21

17th Jul 2003, 11:08
I got the keys from the ground floor, but when I get to the door, I don't have them anymore. Maybe I lost it from the Save/Load I did in between?

17th Jul 2003, 21:38

+ the amunition bug - 1 shot x2 shells with either character .