View Full Version : i Do not have a Numpad or numlock on my laptop, how do i play ??

25th May 2013, 06:27
I just bought the new version of FFVII a few days ago and wanted to play it. when i recieved the email for my conformation, I didnt get a "Members Registration Code with 16 digits and strings" I only got "Serial Number/Product Code:"

Then I go to open and p[lay the game and cannot control much of anything in the game. I tried every key combonation possible and seems that "FN + Enter" works as well as "q" for quit. I am operating WINDOWS 7 HOME edtion on my laptop. please help me :(


29th May 2013, 13:52
We apologize for having difficulty with our game.

Unfortunately, it is a common problem when laptop systems attempt to compress the traditional version of the standard 101-function keyboard (found on most desktops) into a much smaller keyboard configuration. This is usually done by relying on multifunction keys that allow the user to assign different functions to the same key. Unfortunately, this has been known to cause problems with our games.

That being said, you should take a look to see if there is some kind of function (Fn) based number pad in the middle of your keyboard that you can use instead. You may also want to see if there is a way you can use a peripheral for something like this. Adding a controller or another keyboard via USB should restore the functionality that you're missing. We apologize for any inconvenience.