View Full Version : Deus Ex 2 ingame movie(s)

1st Jul 2003, 09:05
Hey guys if you want to see some ingame action check out this (http://www.gamershell.com/news_BDeusEx2Btrailers.shtml) link.

p.s. the gamestar movie is the best it's 3'34" though the commenting is in German.

1st Jul 2003, 15:46
There's also a smaller movie, with just music in the background, here:


18th Jul 2003, 03:44
These movies make me want to play the game, I can't wait!!

20th Jul 2003, 14:32
Being German I couldn't stand the stupidness of the PC-Games movie so I skipped it... Jesus, people you can be happy when you don't understand that %&%$... I hate it when Reviewers of Game-mags try being funny... :mad:
Then again the Gamestar movie rocks!
And correct me if I'm mistaken but could it be that some of the ambient sounds heard in the movie are actually the same as in DX1?