View Full Version : TR4: Temple of Poseidon bug?

1st Jul 2003, 04:19
I'm at the part of Temple of Poseidon where you have to get the spirit to go into the winged statue near the entrance of the level. The problem is that the spirit just will not go into the statue no matter what I try. I have beaten the game several times before, and I don't recall ever having this much trouble destroying the spirit. Many times so far, I have seen the spirit pass directly through the statue, and yet it is not destroyed. Is there a trick that I'm forgetting, or is this a known bug? I have already placed all 4 tridents, so the pool in the center of the level is full -- I just don't want that spirit sapping my health for the remainder of the level.

1st Jul 2003, 04:52
Never mind. I bit the bullet and hurried towards the end of the level, so I could use one of the 2 statues there. I lost a bit of health in the process, but nothing major.

However, an interesting thing happened when I tried to trap the 3 spirits (the 1 that followed me from the beginning of the level, and the 2 that appeared towards the end) in those 2 statues. The statues worked just fine, trapping all 3 spirits, but then as I proceeded forward, 2 of the spirits re-appeared, and proceeded to trap themselves in the statues once more.

1st Jul 2003, 09:33
I've not heard of that before, but it's annoying when something keeps at you like that, eh? At least there is the possibility of a statue, not like those darn scarabs....ugh. :p

1st Jul 2003, 12:06
Yeah, similar problems occured for me! The spirit flew straight through the statue and... well, was never seen again! I could still HEAR the little bugger going SQWERK... SKWAARK... SSHLARP but there was no sign of it! Must've gotten stuck outside of the level or something!

1st Jul 2003, 17:04
That's happened to me in Drakan before, where a Wartog got stuck in a stone wall and I couldn't send him to his rest, poor blighter. ;) One of the flying evils did it too, if I recall.... :rolleyes:

4th Jul 2003, 08:11
I usually go to the statue and crouch at it, then wait until the spirit gets absorbed. It takes a while sometimes, but at least it doesn't attack Lara while she's there. Another thing that I've tried, is to dispatch the bugger myself. Shooting with pistols, while turning Lara and making her crouch to manually aim the spirit produces strange effect, making the spirit quit attacking her, although it keeps following her around, harmless now. :)