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1st Jul 2003, 03:11
So, getting ready to play BO1 just now, and had a minor thought: Would any kind person, for a fee for time, talent, and materials, be able to extract the v.o. of BO1 and put it on a disc for me? You know-kind of have it "Blood Omen-audio CD" kind of thing?
I would pay, and it isn't an asap thing-just, like, within 2 months?
I know it's possible to get the whole written script for BO1, but I don't really want that.
Gosh I hope this isn't an illegal request...if it is, will delete post promptly.

1st Jul 2003, 11:52
I think I remember blinc saying he's done something similar before - unsure. You may want to ask him personally via PM, if he's got them on - but I'd PM Chris first, just to make sure you're not going to get either one of you into trouble. If you own the BO1 disc, I can't see how it'd be illegal - but it's always better to be safe than sorry, I suppose.


1st Jul 2003, 12:35
I'll do it if you want :) (that is, if Ben hasn't already agreed)

Gives me something to do during the day since my exams are over :)

Would you like the FMV's too?

Actually... I'll do it for free (arn't I kind ;)). I've been meaning to do this anyway for my site, and I've sent stuff to the States before so it's not that expensive :)

Edit 2
Silly question I know, but, do you want it as MP3 format, or as an actual audio CD playable in stereos and whatnot?

1st Jul 2003, 13:43
OK: Contacted Chris(thanks for the great suggestion on that Rio!)...
Edit: Nope, it's a no go w/Blinc (but I thought it might be, as it is a lot of work)
Edit: Just heard from Chris! And now will PM Omega!


1st Jul 2003, 18:23
Extracting the individual files is easy (I've got instructions for that on my site). The time-consuming part is recombining the (literally) thousands of clips into the right order (and possibly adding the music in the background). Like I said in email, I also wouldn't have been comfortable being paid for it, since it's not my property.

1st Jul 2003, 19:29
No need to worry Ben! Omega has refused money-sniff...and I really wanted to give some too, for all that time and hard work-or at least, disc price and shipping (I even offered to like, find some special US-specific item and send it in trade---these darn noble people, spoiling my fun). I'm also not insisting on a complete re-creation of script-I really like the idea Omega mentioned of "character specific folders"...oooo.

1st Jul 2003, 22:20
Character specific folders are they way I've organised my SR1 sounds. I can send you them too if you like (and no more delays either, I already have them extracted :)).

If you really want to send me something, a winning UK lotto ticket would help ;)

1st Jul 2003, 22:35
Really? SR1 sounds? Hm-I might like that too...hm--getting LoK sound greedy! Dare I grab for the LoK sound Ring?
What the heck-I'll dare. SR1 sounds would be just, oh, super!

May have to get something special for Omega...not the winning UK lottery ticket (because I'd just keep that and use it to fund rebuilding the ancestral ruins in Scotland), but must get something for him. Hm...

1st Jul 2003, 22:39
You don't have to get me anything, I'm more than happy to do it :)

I can chuck in the SR2 and BO2 sound files too, but that will take a little longer, as I haven't extracted those yet. I've just named about a quarter of each (and a quarter is ALOT for SR2 and BO2.

And LoK-Greedy? No such word exists!