View Full Version : Louvre Storm Drains

1st Jul 2003, 01:27
Well I am at the Louvre Storm Drains level. I just made it to the boiler room were you gotta blow up the boiler and jump into the water and go through the water. As you can see I know what to do. But before I try does the flaming oil come after me once I get into the tunnel?

1st Jul 2003, 01:46
Walkthrough: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/aodguide/

1st Jul 2003, 01:51
I know what to do. Read my post again.

1st Jul 2003, 02:05
No, it doesn't.

1st Jul 2003, 02:14
so it doesn't come after me? Even when I am just swimming in the tunnel to get to the surface?

1st Jul 2003, 03:15
Should I assume it's coming after you in the tunnel? :confused:

If you're having trouble with that, try going a little slower. When I went through there I basically jumped in the water and took a second to get my bearings. As long as you're underwater you shouldn't get hurt. Oh, I guess make sure you're underwater too.