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30th Jun 2003, 23:10
Is there a separate forum for PS2 versus the PC versions of this game? If there isn't, why aren't they separate? the problem being, that when someone places a post about something in the game, I'm constantly wondering whether they are refering to the PS2 ver. or the PC ver. i.e. someone posts a cheat; is it for PS2 or PC. also, are both the versions so identical to each other, that every item and secret is the same in each version and I shouldn't need to ask whether the poster is refering to one ver. versus the other? :confused:

30th Jun 2003, 23:18
Up until today it wasn't an issue as no one had the PC version, but now that it has been released I agree it would be nice to have separate forums. So that the compliments and complaints could be separated...surely the PC version will not require complaints though.

30th Jun 2003, 23:18
I think the games are basically the same besides better graphics on the PC, along with the fact that you use a controller for the PS2 and most use a keyboard for the PC. Usually, you can figure out if cheats are for the PS2 or the PC based on how they are given. For example, if someone gave you a cheat that you have to press triangle square circle square square triangle, you would obviously guess that it is for the PS2.

Also, I don't think (although I can't be certain) there were ever seperate forums for the other games thus far, so why change it now?

1st Jul 2003, 00:00
I have the PS2 ver.. I didn't know that the PC ver. had just come out today.

about the control buttons; someone wrote in a post, that you can press the roll button to change targets, in my manual it says you have to push triangle (duck), but I could never get it to work, it wasn't until I tried the roll or Square button on my PS2, did I realize the poster was refering to PS2

Also, there's a post on this forum (by: Zzz), I read that talks about getting unlimited ammo in Von Croy's Apt. if you don't pick up the gun that its for, until you don't want anymore ammo. I didn't know if it was for the PS2 or PC until I asked.

I'd also like to know which bugs are for PS2 or for the PC (if any) or if they're related to both, then you could more easily determine if it was programming problem with both system, a program to PS2 compliance issue, or an isolated PS2 specific operation issue (i.e. freezing from a dirty lens or scratched disk).

1st Jul 2003, 01:56
support the Separate

1st Jul 2003, 02:32
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