View Full Version : Tomb Raider: AOD FMV's made by Axis Animations?

30th Jun 2003, 21:45
I was looking in the TR: AOD manuel and looked in the credits section. It says FMV's created by Axis Animations. I always thought that core design made the FMV clips? Is this something game developers always do since they do not have time to make the FMV's since they need to focus on the game? I have noticed that Capcom had a japanese artist make the FMV's for Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Also, I found a website of someone who works at Axis Animations and worked on a couple TR:AOD FMV scenes. Here is what it said in his resume:

January2002 Lightwave artist
Axis animation

I had the opportunity of a 2-week work placement with Axis Animations where I worked on the current introduction to Tomb Raider 6. My tasks where to rebuild, expand, apply texturing and to Light the environments which I did with much success. They are now keeping in contact with me for possible further Freelance work.

It seems that we have a lightwave user that worked some of the AOD CG movies. I am always curious what 3D artists use to make their work. I am not saying lightwave is the best, but I just get curious for some reason even though the work this artist did could probably been just as good as any other software could have done. Check out this website for more, http://www.niko3d.co.uk/resumeframe.html

30th Jun 2003, 22:02
I have been using Lightwave from its first version that came
with video toaster for the Amiga until version 5.5.It wasn't
considered hi-end at that time but it was probably the easiest
3D app to use with 2 seperate modules for modelling/animation.
It became quite buggy after that and i just couldn't handle it.
I believe that Maya is the best the industry has to offer now,
and at the lower price range Cinema 4D has transformed into
a really promising package.

I'm no pro but i thing it's wise to have a company specialized
in CGI make the FMVs for a game since they are quaranteed
to have good quality.

30th Jul 2003, 04:29
Didn't core make all the FMV's for tomb raider, tomb raider II, tomb raider III, tomb raider: the last revelation, & tomb raider: chronicles?

30th Jul 2003, 05:42
I believe that there are many more sequences FMV and better made that AOD is TR-Chornicles.