View Full Version : english language in Germany?

Lone Raider
30th Jun 2003, 20:15
Hi Eidos People Please tell me if the german game has english language options? I´m used to playing the original game and just cause i moved to Germany doesn´t mean I want her to say "Herr von Kroi, zis is not correct, you lying zere dead and leaving me to diel wiz it!!"
thanx a lot:)

30th Jun 2003, 20:33
LOL, soooo funny. :D :D :D

Maybe you should do the German voices for them...

30th Jun 2003, 20:33
Oh man, willkommen in Deutschland...Fremder!
Btw: If she would speak 'so', I would return the game... :D

30th Jun 2003, 20:40
ROTFLMAO!Thanks for that Lone Raider!

30th Jun 2003, 20:43
Lone Raider, your "German" accent is even better than my Husband's! :D

Lone Raider
30th Jun 2003, 20:52
thank you for your kind remarks... i vould kill myself too if Lara did zat to me but round hier zey siem to like it zat vay. oh ENGLAND I MISS YOU SO MUCH ... *singing a sad little homesick song* :))

30th Jun 2003, 21:19
I have this really cool video of Lara being interviewed by the German press. That Swiss finishing school taught her really well, her German is flawless....if a little ......strong, hehehe ;)