View Full Version : There's a new FM that didn't get announced here...

30th Jun 2003, 20:06

This is from madcat and his link to get it :) I just got my copy although I believe it was available a little sooner but I just saw it today over at TTLG ;) Have fun and Good Hunting! Oh, it's only a 3.66 mg'r...

30th Jun 2003, 23:10
It's a fun town mission. :)

Old Man
30th Jun 2003, 23:41
Yes, I've been playing this one since Saturday. I've got a soft spot for townscapes so I am enjoying myself.

In fact, I just finished. I didn't Ghost it.

There's a gal in a red dress that seems unlikely to be passed and there's a load of loot past her. I doused all the lights in the room but she still gets me. Alternately, I tried dousing the light in the next room that was the problem. But, there are a couple of guys with her that spook as soon as I try to use a weapon. Even though we're all in pitch blackness! I tried nudging them all into positions that would allow me to pass but didn't find it. Finally, I just gave up and let her have her fit -- Lytha Mode. It's possible there's enough loot otherwise but I'm not sure. Plus the game misquotes the final statistics. The actual loot and pockets are noted in the author's .txt file. I Ghosted the rest of the mission though.

Thanks, madwolf. This was a good play.

1st Jul 2003, 01:38
Thanks, Huntress, for keeping us provincial types clued in.:)

1st Jul 2003, 01:57
Slipped up, didn't I? :) I betatested this one but didn't think to announce the release here. It's a very fun mission to play with lots of nice buildings to explore and some creative ways to get into them. Very enjoyable. :)

John D.
2nd Jul 2003, 00:54
Just started playing this one, I love big towns to explore!:D

2nd Jul 2003, 17:54
:o Oops my apologies to madwolf for the slip of name but I'm sure since I was trying to promote his FM, I think I'll receive a reprive...at least I hope so :D

On a side note...I'm in a bit of a depression as my big comp took a bad turn last week. Mainly my fault but got roped into something I had no idea of the consequences. On one of the Taffer's sites there are some ads and one of them offered a free screensaver...for a nice lake scene type. I bit and got bitten. I tried steering all the questions about my email to the Netscape email site and answered all the questions about my interests/want products to "no" and turn off the modem to install screensaver. I read as much I could the EULA and did see something about a web site install but nothing to tell it no. Having done all the other I felt it would be OK to do. Afterwards when I opened the screensaver..it wasn't too bad and thought I would keep it. But the next time I opened it after a few minutes another window came up saying how I could buy the full version :( So I thought to myself...no, no this is not for me and proceeded to delete. I also had read about the Web site and saying it would only become active when I got my new password etc. But then I got the worse happenings when I shut down and tried to restart...a window came up at my signon and said it couldn't find the "file" for this site. I clicked OK and checked my Start-ups and sure enough there was still a link in there to "go-to" so I unchecked it and delved further into my files etc to find anything more related that I hadn't looked for earlier. This done I felt I was good to go...but now my computer is messed up... :( I can't get it to bootup past a certain point and have reinstalled and restarted and mainly get to do "safe mode" to try some more. Yesterday morning however after I got up it did boot all the way and thought about reinstalling windows over itself but only considered the "se" which didn't have the option to fix missing or corrupted files and so I didn't use it. I just didn't think at that time about using the Original and seems I missed my opportunity...cause now I'm back to square one. When it did come up however, I was still left with the original problem...not being able to connect to any web sites or even have my ISP provider recognized as "host" when I tried to ping it. I got connected but that was all :( So now I'm on my alternate brew to get on-line, etc.

Man oh man...what a disaster!!!! I'm just about ready to take it to the shop and have a complete reinstallment and sure hate the thought. I have many things backed up but not some of my newer stuff and all my important .docs I've made for various info. The only thing I made sure to do though was to make a copy of my save game for DIIX...ha ha so I wouldn't lose all my hard work and time I've put into it. Should have done other stuff but thought I was OK when it did come up. Ahh another hard lesson!

So for anyone that picks up on this...don't get that damn screensaver offer...it'll bite ya! :( Ta and Good Hunting!

2nd Jul 2003, 17:59
Ohh! That's too bad, Huntress! It's so easy to get stung with stuff like that. I downloaded a visualization for the Windows Media player a while back and ran into trouble, too. It wasn't on the Microsoft site but it was linked through there, so I thought it would be safe. Wrong! We ended up having to repair XP and reinstall all the updates, etc. It took ages. Thankfully, it worked and everything was fine after that. I'm VERY careful about what I download now, though. I hope you get your's up and running again. :)

3rd Jul 2003, 14:48
oops my apologies to madwolf for the slip of name
Don't worry , I think I prefer the name madcat ! Too many wolves already......

My apologies for not announcing it here , many thanks Huntress .