View Full Version : Where is the package in LE SERPANT ROUGE?

30th Jun 2003, 19:11
:rolleyes: I've been spending way to much time looking for this stupid package in the burnt out light bulb..someone has GOT to help me! No one has any walk thru's yet???

30th Jun 2003, 19:15
Quick Google search...and I came up with this Walk Thru (http://www.laracroftonline.net/cgi-bin/walkthroughs/default.asp?catid=23&cattitle=Tomb+Raider+6+Walkthrough).

It would kinda help to know how far you are in the level...so we dont waste alot of time going over steps you may already know. Review the Walk Thru...and if you have any other questions...I'd be glad to help.

30th Jun 2003, 19:15
hope this helps.:D