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30th Jun 2003, 18:39
Hi guys! Post your ULTIMATE Challenges here. I'll start if off with a simple one! (I'll add a new one every three days)

Crazed Zombie Dash

"Khallos has run off AGAIN leaving his pour little henchman to clean up his mess AGAIN! Only this time, evil Khallos has been experimenting with high powered bombs in the undead zombies, and every one of them has a nuclear core generator inside it! Looks like you're doomed... Or are you? Try to kill as many of the zombies as you can as gently as you can without setting off any of the bombs!"

Start a game on Fight off the Living Dead, and try to get through as many waves as you can WITHOUT scoring ANY points! There are two ways to do this... #1. Gather all the zombies in one big bunch and run close to them so that they accidently kill each other. #2. Shoot them in the arms or legs untill they die. (usually it takes 3 to 5 hits). You can do it anyway you like, but you MUST NOT score any points. Try and see how many waves you can get through without accidently scoreing points or dieing. Post your best here!

Plat score: ??? waves (I'll post it here later)
Gold score: 10 waves
Silver score: 7 waves
Bronze score: 4 waves

<font size="+1">World high score: 11 waves</font> - RedXevious

30th Jun 2003, 18:55
THATS the world record? damn, wheres my digicam... Im gonna prove you wrong!

30th Jun 2003, 19:26
lol! You don't have to prove it, just post your best here. I believe you! :D

30th Jun 2003, 20:05
I cant remember my highest number of waves (but its deffinately more than 11- more towards 20), so Ill try again. Ill also post my score when I do it to so you know Im not just putting in random wave numbers

30th Jun 2003, 21:38
20 waves without scoring ANY points?? thats crazy!

Ab ^_^

30th Jun 2003, 22:25
yeah- you can only shoot them in the legs though as you get 25 points for taking off their arms (which can be accidentally hit when shot in the chest)its essentially a virus match in an enclosed space against shambling slow (and stupid) non living nuisances... alas you still get the wave completion bonus (and perfect bonus 9 times out of 10) so you cant get to stupidly high waves without scoring.. or even to wave 2 without scoring (but I have tried this before when training for flametag/virus)

1st Jul 2003, 19:05
What the heck are you talking about? If you didn't score any points in a wave, then you don't get any bonus points! Your bonus points depends on how many points you scored during that wave. (i.e. If you get 4000 points during a wave, then you will get another 4000 bonus points at the end of the wave, or 8000 ponts if it was a perfect). So, if you didn't score any points, you won't get any bonus points! It doesn't matter whether it's a "perferct" or not, if you didn't score any points, you won't get any bonus points!
This may be differant on the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game... Im not sure. All I know is on the GameCube version of the game, you won't get any bonus points if you didn't score any points!
The other day, I was up to wave 17 with "0" points on the meter!

So, I guess the world record is now 17. ex-ion, you forgot to mention what your WR is. Please post it here so I can update my first post.

<font size="+1">World High Score: 17 Waves</font> - RedXevious

1st Jul 2003, 19:26
my bad- I hadnt played the game for a while at the time of posting that- but after playing all last night I got up to WAVE 16 before accidentilly hitting one in the arm :mad:
RedXevious still holds the world title... but not for long... my PS2 Beckons

2nd Jul 2003, 18:48
I guess I still hold the rocord! Anyone else want to challenge me??

Post your best here!! By the way, Im gonna be posting a new challenge here tommorow (a new one every three days) So be sure to look out for it! :cool:

---------------- World High Scores ----------------

Crazed Zombie Dash:
<font size=+1>World High Score: 17 Waves</font> - RedXevious

2nd Jul 2003, 22:09
Bwa ha ha, the title is yours no more! I have managed 19 (but my mums nicked my camera so no proof this time! :mad: )

I would have got to 20 but my damned shell riccoche'd off the floor into a zombies arm scoring 25... grr

Still, I am now current champion, so nur!

Roll on new challenge (Id give a few but you seem good at it)

3rd Jul 2003, 13:57
Ok, well, I was going to post a new challenge here, but I also want this to be a communiy topic, so, ex-ion, please feel free to post yours here insted!

Todays new challenge comes from ex-ion... ex-ion, will you do the honor of posting your challenge here? Thanks!

(Don't forget to include your stages bio, like it would appear in TS2. And don't forget the Plat, Gold, Silver and Bronze times for it as well!)

Get ready for ULTIMATE EVIL!! ex-ion, let's see the evil challenge you have prepared for us! heh heh heh!!

---------------- World High Scores ----------------
Crazed Zombie Dash
<font size="+1">World High Score: 19 Waves</font> - ex-ion

3rd Jul 2003, 14:43
ok, heres my Eeeeeeevvvvilll challange!

monkey mahem

"Some evil circus clowns have enslaved the performing monkeys and forced them to carry their water melons! Free the monkeys by shooting the watermelons out of their paws. but aim carefully..."


The monkeys seem to be ungrateful at your intervention. Teach the flea balls a lesson. Shoot the monkeys with your vintage rifle being careful to avoid watermelons. Your objective is to get the smallest possible score.
Be careful though, you dont have long to get your revenge, those clowns will be back any minute!

Plat score: - 2000 points (minus two thousand points)
Gold score: -1500 points (minus one thousand five hundred points)
Silver score: -1000 points (minus one thousand points)
Bronze score: -500 points (minus five hundred points)

good luck, your gonna need it!

Current world record= -2075 by ex-ion.

15th Jul 2003, 22:53

66 Platinums (yes even before Ab did it :D)
55 Arcade Awards

17th Jul 2003, 20:44
mmmmmmm i will have to think of one

23rd Jul 2003, 00:30
2775 before the game locked up............

25th Jul 2003, 20:45
Fighting off the living dead one: Wave 28
I might try the monkey mayhem one.

8th Aug 2003, 03:06
I finally decided to try one of these.
Got -2925 on Ex-ion's Challenge.

8th Aug 2003, 05:01
Fall Out - Way Out!

Stage: Fall Out (Challange)
Objective : Lose as much points as possible!
Difficulty : Easy cos you can't fail.

The Challange:- Big Tony has paying you an incredable amount of money to be bad! Shoot civilians and allow the bad guys to cause havoc! You will reward you for how many negetive points you score at the end.

Bronze : -500
Silver : -1000
Gold : -2000
Platnium : -3000

My score = -3235

Have fun with the challange!

8th Aug 2003, 13:47
you know i probebly got -3000 when i was accaly try to complete that mission properly..

11th Aug 2003, 06:01
Woah!! Looks like this topic is popular again! lol.

Remember everyone, todays newest challenge is GST's Fall Out - Way out! So everyone try and beat his score, ok? (By the way, thanks for your cool challenge GST!)

---------------- World High Scores ----------------
Crazed Zombie Dash
<font size="+1">World High Score: 28 Waves</font> - Josh
Monkey Meyhem 2
<font size="+1">World High Score: -2925</font> - robofishzombie
Fall out - Way out!
<font size="+1">World High Score: -3235</font> - GST_10%

20th Aug 2003, 00:01
Someone have a go of my challange.......

20th Aug 2003, 03:00
Originally posted by GST_10%
Someone have a go of my challange.......
I tried it, but I always lost only about -3160 points.

4th Nov 2003, 21:59
ok i have a new challenge for u guys to try out. nice and simple.

Basically this is a virus game.

the idea of the game is to get 2-4 players and see how long all of u can last together before one of you dies.

so if ur playing 2 player then you have to work together and see how long u can survive together.

The rules are the must be 10 bots and u CANT have guns to defend urselfs.

U can do this for any of the maps so i will post them all down here.

i have only done ufopia that was 5Mins 30 so go guys try and beat that score plus set some records for the other maps

capt. Forestzombie
16th Nov 2003, 17:39
I should try your challenge:) sounds very intresting and hard

17th Apr 2004, 14:20
Let's put some life into this thread.
Those challenges can be fun.

NEW CHALLENGE: Fight off the living dead without using your gun. Score as many points as possible.

18th Apr 2004, 14:50
The virus one: in Hospital 11 mins 28 secs

Maybe we should put some skill challenges here, maybe people get interested...

Sergio's last stand. Don't use the fire extinguisher.

The Machinist
22nd Apr 2004, 17:59
Heres a challenge (based on an unfortunate experiance of mine). Build a basic maze on mapmaker (however you want - as long as its simple and you can navigate easily and its a fair size) and make sure theres a long corridor with a dead end. At the end of this corridor, place a silenced pistol (or silenced pistol x2 if you want it easier). Play virus on this level and as soon as you spawn, go to the dead end with the silenced pistol and see how long you can survive...its harder than it seems.

Ze Mole
1st May 2004, 22:33
Instead of silenced pistol put a BRICK!

The Machinist
4th May 2004, 18:01
Mole.....thats.....*sighs*....thats just cruel! At least the pistol, gives some form of hope to the player. Playing with a brick......hmmmmm.....

*goes off to try it with a brick*