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30th Jun 2003, 16:06
Wooohooo! My last topic allready reached the long awaited limit of 100 posts, so if you have any questions, please post them here! Thanks for all your help with the topic, guys! :D

By the way, congratulations on completeing all the arcade and challenge levels, R10-9 Beta! You are now well on your way to getting all 66 plats! If you (or anyone else) needs help with any of them, just let us know and we'll help you out! Good luck! :cool:

30th Jun 2003, 16:44
woo! I wanna ask first!

how many points are needed for platinum on the first zombie challange (not sergios last stand or the punching one)

30th Jun 2003, 17:46
Here are the plat scores for the three Behead the Undead stages:

Fight Off the Living Dead: 145000 pts
Sergio's Last Stand: 35000 pts
Day of the Damned: 25000 pts

Hope all this helps! Anyone else need any help? Just ask! :cool:

30th Jun 2003, 17:48
When I got 145k on fightin off the living dead I still only had a gold but I got plat after getting 185ish so I think its 170,000 points.

Ab ^_^

30th Jun 2003, 17:50
that cant be right- I have over 200,000 on that level and Im still gold

30th Jun 2003, 17:55
Hmmm... That's really strange. I remember I got the plat at 150k pts. Even yoshifan's super accurate site says it's 145k.

That's really strange.... :eek:

30th Jun 2003, 18:00
grr... I'll try again as I suspect that perhaps I had the silly hats cheat on... but I dont think that would affect it...

30th Jun 2003, 18:07
That's a good idea. But if you were using cheats, then it wouldn't have saved you score, right? Did it save your score?

30th Jun 2003, 19:06
yes it did... it wouldnt in TS1 but it does in TS2.:confused:

I just got 147,125 points and I still got a gold :mad:

1st Jul 2003, 19:12
Well, I guess my best advice would be to try to get over 200k points. It worked for AB, so maybe it will work for you too. Try it out.

Anyone else need help? Tell me about your problems...

1st Jul 2003, 19:21
its not so much as trying to beat 200k, thats easy- its just a matter of being bothered to do it... if I couldnt get bored then I could probably last all day.

Ill try though

1st Jul 2003, 20:28
Tell me about it :rolleyes: I get bored of the idea of having to do it again to get a better score so I'll probably never bother!

Ab ^_^

1st Jul 2003, 20:40
having said that- thee new challange set by RedXevious has given it a new lease of life... I'm currently on pause at wave 9 with no points... quite high health too... and Ive got my camera at the ready for when I get a new record. AND I WILL!

1st Jul 2003, 22:42
ok, I got the platinum in the zombie level- now Im stuck again... in the challenge: "silent but deadly" where you need to sneak around siberia- how quickly do you need to finish the level to achieve platinum? Ive got 59.9 seconds at the moment... also, is there any special tactic to this level?

1st Jul 2003, 23:26
Platnium for "Silent but Deadly" is 0:40 secs. The may well be a special tactic, but you can score under the time by being quick on your feet and a good shot...........
My time was 0:39.9 secs, I got this by;
- Shoot the camera then the dude on the stairs
- Run through the gate and shoot the patrol soldier
- Sidestep along the gate and shoot the Lt. and the camera
- Go around the stairs and shoot the last dude before he sees you
- Activate the door switch and grab the timed mines
- Run through the middle of the stage, up with the aimer while moving and chuck a timed mine
- Run to the exit, but make sure the dish blows up first.

Good Luck!

59 plats
7 golds
51 arcade awards
100% complete

2nd Jul 2003, 13:49
thanks, Ill try that.

3rd Jul 2003, 14:49
Yeeessss!!!! The other day, I got a really fast time of 13.9 on Trouble at The Docks! It took me a while (and tons of restarts) to get it, but I did it! I thought I would post the strat here for everyone, so you all can get under 14 secs as well! So, here it is!

As soon as you start the level, run right to get out of the little room you start in, and start running accross the metal walkway. As you are running, switch to your fists! :eek: Why? You will find out in a few seconds. Now as soon as you get to the little opening in the walkway, jump down as you turn to face the opening that leads to the next area. You should land on top of one of the crates. Now, drop down from the crate, and run accross the little bridge that connects the boat to the dock. You should notice a guard walk across the path after the bridge. As soon as you get across the bride, you will be right behind the guard! Now, punch him in the back! This will kill him in one hit. You have to do this cause if you don't, he will know you are there cause' you walked right behind him! (Whenever you walk close behind an opponent, that will alert them that you are there!) Now, 50 percent of the time the other guard that is a distance behind you, will see you, meaning you have to restart. But if he doesn't, then that's good! Keep on going! Now, as you run up the few stairs, switch to your gun again and start heading towards the corner you are about to turn around. Now this next part is hard. As soon as you turn around the corner, make a kind of u-turn around the wall, and start heading up the stairs. But as you are doing the u-turn, you have to shoot the guard under the stairs! :eek: Actually, it's not that hard. As you are making the "u-turn", your guns point of shot will pass by the guards head! (The guard should be walking towards the corner under the stairs, and thus, hasn't seen you yet. If he isn't, and he sees you as you take the "u-turn", then you did the first part of the level too slow, and you need to restart.) So, as you are making the "u-turn", when your gun faces in his direction, fire! This should hit his head and kill him. Now, I have found that you don't ALWAYS have to kill him. If you miss and the bullet hits the wall infront of his head, then he will be startled, and won't see you as you run up the stairs. But the bullet has to hit the wall infront of his head and it has to hit the wall RIGHT NEXT to his head. If it hits the wall too far away from his head, he will see you as you run up the staris. Also, if the bullet hits the wall behind his head, he will see you. So, there are only two ways he won't see you. #1. If you get that lucky head shot as you are making the u-turn, and #2. As you are making the u-turn, you miss, but the bullet hits the wall right infront of his head. Either way, DON'T hold down the "L" button to bring up the crosshair. Shooting him is MUCH MUCH easier without the crosshair, cause' as I said before, you will be making a u-turn at the time, giving you a split second to shoot him. Now, if you didn't kill him, then at the top of the stairs, you will MABEY see your Stealth Points start to go down. That means he saw you. But if they don't go down, then that means you startled him, and he didn't see you run up the stairs! Of course, getting a head shot is much better, but you dont have the time to stand around and hold the "L" button to make sure the shot goes into his skull. Remember, we are trying to do the level in 14 secoonds or less! So you have to take the shot really quickly as you are making the u-turn. Now, on to the next area! When you get to the top of the stairs, keep running, and as soon as you take the corner, you will see a guard standing next to the flight of stairs heading down. Now, we don't have time to stand around trying to get that head shot. So you have to do it quick! Quickly hold donw the "L" button and put a bullet into his brain as you are running. Now, BEFORE you get to the stairs heading down, you MUST start turning so when you start going down the stairs, you will be facing the right side rail on the stairs. Why? Wel, cause' as you are going donw the stairs, you will be able to aim down and put a bullet into the guards head! Why? Cause as soon as you start running down the stairs, he WILL see you every time! If he doesn't see you as you are running down the stairs, then you were too slow during the first parts of the level. Restart. That's means you have 1 second to kill him before your Stealth Points start to go down. Now, it would be faster to run down the rest of the stairs and shoot him in the head when you get to the bottom, (You would still have enough time to kill him beofre your points go down) since running sideways is slower than running stright. Right? So, it would make sence to kill the guard when you get to the bottom, but if you did then the second guard behind the crates will see you. How? Cause' sometims when ememies see you, they take a step back and start shooting, right? Esspecialy when your right next to them. Right? Well, nearly every time I did this level, he took a step back! And, of cource, guess whos behind him? The guard behind the crates! And when the first guard takes a stpe back, he get's a little closer to the guard behind the crates, right? And then when you shoot the first guard in the head, the second guard will hear you and be alerted! So, we must NOT let the first guard take a step back! And the only way to do this is to shoot him whilst your goind down the stairs. Unfortunatly, this is very hard. You have to aim down, shoot, and hope for the best. As soon as the bullet leaves your gun, turn and face stright again, as you run down the rest of the staris, since you will lose too much time if you keep running sideways. Now, this will take ALOT of practice, and ALOT of restarts, but sooner or later, you will get him in the head! Remember, you must kill him in one shot other wise the other guard behind the crates will hear you. After the first guys is dead, forget about the second guy behind the crates, and just run to the bottom of the stairs and run left through the doorway! Level complete...!!! :D

Now, this is gonna take you AGES to get right... It took me 3 days to get my time of 13.9, but I finnally did it! And you will be able to as well, if you follow my start! Good luck to you all, and if you need help with anything else in the stage, just let me know! :cool:

4th Jul 2003, 04:06
Nice strategy on Trouble at the Docks. For my time of 0:16.0, I did exactly the same thing, except the last guy- he always spotted me. I had to let him pass then punch him in the back.
I also found it possible to slip past the guy near the stairs. Very hard though.

Can you help me on "Hit me baby one Morgue time" I want to improve on 0:55.1, and get closer to 0:51.1. What's your time by the way, Mr Xevious.

11th Jul 2003, 10:59
Originally posted by GST_10%
For my time of 0:16.0, I did exactly the same thing, except the last guy- he always spotted me. I had to let him pass then punch him in the back

lol! He is SUPOSED to spot you! How did you think the world record got to be 13.3? By just standing around? No way! If a enemy spots you, you can still kill them without your stealth points going down, but you must be quick! After the person sees you, you have like 1 second to kill them otherwise your points will go down. How do you think Josh was able to get 26 secs on Silent But Deadly? All 4 guards saw him!! But he killed them all before his points went down. And as for "slipping by" the guard near the stairs, if you were able to "slip" by him, that means you did the first area of the stage too slow. If you are able to do the first area very very fast, then the guard near the stairs will see you every time, which means you have to shoot him in the head every time! Remember this if you want to get a time of under 14 secs... You shouldn't be "waiting" at any point in the level! Run through it, SHOOT THROUGH IT!

Originally posted by GST_10%
"Hit me baby one Morgue time"... What's your time by the way, Mr Xevious.

My best is 53.4 :p

Here's a good strat: If you are VERY VERY fast and ahead of time, alot of the zombies and undead preists won't appear! This is what you should be hoping for, especially when you are up to the first floor where alot of the flaming undead appear. Also, getting shot in the back alot is very helpful! Shoot the undead preists in the feet to stun them, then run passed them and they will shoot you in the back causing you to "speed up" a little. This will save a few tenths of a second of running time. Also, when you get to the (skull?) you should be around 40 secs. Make a quick u-turn and run back through the upper way, rather than dropping off the balcony. Kepp on running!

Originally posted by GST_10%
Here are my best times:
- Badass Buspass Impasse - 0:41.3 (I beat you Mr Xevious!)

Ha! Not anymore!! After I read your post, I got very angry at myself for having such a crappy Badass Bupass Impasse score. So I went back and played for a while and got 40.8!! Heh heh heh! :D

Originally posted by GST_10%
Are these times any good? Also, is there an elite thingy for

GST, the Ngc-elites.net site was originally created just for GameCube games, but TimeSplitters 2 was their first multi-format game. When you sign up with NGC-Elites.net, you can tell them what system you own TS2 on! Go check it out! You'll see manyof the players own it on PS2 and Xbox as well! So it doesn't matter what system you own it on, you can always sign up with NGC-Elites.net! If you want, you can check out all my scores and times there!

By the way, sorry I havn't posted in a long time. I've been a bit sick and I had to say in bed and drink alot of water. But now Im back and better than ever! So go ahead, ask me anything! :cool:

See you later!

11th Jul 2003, 11:05
Originally posted by RedXevious
especially when you are up to the first floor where alot of the flaming undead appear.

I find it easier to get burned since you can just run thro and everyone will leave you alone!

Ab ^_^

13th Jul 2003, 10:10
Originally posted by AB-109
I find it easier to get burned since you can just run thro and everyone will leave you alone!

lol! No way! Getting set on fire is good if you're running through alot of zombies... But if you are fast enough, you won't have to cause' they won't apear! Besides, you need as much health as you can so the undead preists can shoot you in the back alot. There are three points. The first area is when your passing the ground floor room with the two shotgun undead preists above you who are shooting at you. If you lucky, they will hit you with one shot. The second part is the corner before you run into the long first floor room were all the flaming zombies apear. One undead preist will apear infront of you. Shoot him in the foot and run past him. Then he will turn around and shoot you once... If you're lucky he will get you twice! And the third part is when you drop down off the balcony infront of the end portal. After you land, the three preists behind you should hit you with at least one shot giving a short boost to the portal! Remember this...

Anyone else need help? Please let me know!! :cool:

14th Jul 2003, 19:44
WEll ok got 3 more golds to get into platinums.

they are:

TOP SHOT: best 1min 20secs
Rocket man: best 1min 19
Dam busters: 8340

SO u guys got any strats for them

Switchblade 69
15th Jul 2003, 12:53
rocket man aint too bad just go to one of the small rooms or alcoves on the main street and have loads of ammor for ur rocket and homing. shoot at venus' feet to kill instantly:P

15th Jul 2003, 20:24
Im having trouble with siberia on the hard difficulty. i can complete all objectives accept for destryoing the chopper, which i do last. do you have any tips for me, because its annoying. danke.

17th Jul 2003, 20:16
yeah easy.

ok go to the first gun when u come up the elevator. stay in that one. When the guys come out then u can kill them easily.

when the chopper comes aim for the missle areas so it cant hit u with them. them opnce they are down shoot teh sit out of it.

18th Jul 2003, 12:39
Also, you should only use the Gun turrets missiles. Don't bother with the bullets, they do little damage to the chopper and are only good for killing the stray guard that comes out from the left and right passages. Keep using missiles on the chopper, and once you run out of rockets, quickly run to the next gun turret. You should be able to kill him on the second one.

Need any more help?? Just ask! :cool:

18th Jul 2003, 19:07
i need tips on how to kill all those little flying monkies at the mexican level. the best i got was just enough for bronze

20th Jul 2003, 07:17
I posted help for that stage before in Part One of my help topic, but I'll repost it here again just in case you missed it! :cool:

You have to FOLLOW the monkey as they shoot out from the left and right spawn points. Here's how you do it. When you start, stand just infront of the fountain, and when a monkey shoots out from the right area, start walking left whilst pointing your shotgun at it, and if it shoots out from the left, then start walking right! Either way, as you are "walking in time" with it, make sure you points your gun towards it and fire! The auto-lock will do the rest! Sometimes you will miss, but this is unavoidable. Now, if a monkey shoots out from where the bell is, then start walking backwards, whilst aiming up at it. Then fire! Keep on doing this untill time runs out. Now, how do you get the platinum? Well, it'll take some practice and luck. You need to get alot of combos at the end. Near to the end, alot more monkeys will apear so this is the best time to go for combos. The end is actually the most important part since you can rack up combos like 500 pts. (Yes, five hundred points!) So make sure you get as many combos as you can when alot of monkeys appear.

As I said before, practice, practice and practice some more and you will eventually get the platinum easily! Good luck dude!

Anyone else need help? That's what i'm here for! Just ask!

20th Jul 2003, 07:56
Another way is to run into the level and up to the right side balcony thing. Although you'll miss 2 monkeys on the start it aint that bad cos you'll be in a perfect position to take out the monkeys as the fly right infront of your face.

Ab ^_^

20th Jul 2003, 13:23
I cant play that level Cant handle this!!!Please,help me!!!
+ How do you get Venus Starr?

21st Jul 2003, 14:24
Can't Handle This? Hmm... If I remember corectly, AB-109 posted a great strat for this level back in Part One of my help topic.
AB, would you please do the honor of reposting it here for UndeadPreist?

As for Venus Starr, havn't you read the "How to unlock things" thread at the top of the list? To unlock her, all you have to do is get a Gold award on Burns 'n' Bangs >> Rocket Man.

Ahhh.... Over 1 million served! :D Anyone else need help?

pvt coal
22nd Jul 2003, 00:43
were do you find the second and third games on the temporary uplink?

pvt coal
22nd Jul 2003, 00:55
ok have u found out were the games on the temporary uplink are? if so could u tell me cause im extremely lost

24th Jul 2003, 12:56
Heh heh! I was sooooo happy when I first got the RretroRacer cart cause' back when I first started the game, I thought I would never play it since it was so hard to get!

Now look at me! My best score is 58.58! Yay!!! :D

But I think Im getting too much off topic here... This is a help topic after all, so if you have any problems with TS2, just let me know! :cool:

24th Jul 2003, 23:54
Hey ppls I need some stratagies for Rocketman and Rice Cracker rush on Honerary leugue. Rocket man my best time was 1:30:06....yeah I lost gold by 6 nanoseconds :mad: ...and I can't get more then like 3 in Rice Craker...any tips?

25th Jul 2003, 01:41
I asked for help on these stages a while ago on the first help forum. Open page 2 and look for Help Forum by RedXevious. (You may need to backtrack, say last 60 days).
If all else fails, post here and we'll help you.

25th Jul 2003, 05:56
Originally posted by GST_10%
I asked for help on these stages a while ago on the first help forum. Open page 2 and look for Help Forum by RedXevious. (You may need to backtrack, say last 60 days).
If all else fails, post here and we'll help you.

You'll find "part 1" in the archive! :D Do a Forum Jump to get there.. ;)

Good luck!

25th Jul 2003, 15:00
oooooooohhhhh thats where it is! I've been looking all over for it :o

Forgot the archive section existed.

Ab ^_^

25th Jul 2003, 18:57
Originally posted by AB-109
oooooooohhhhh thats where it is! I've been looking all over for it :o

Forgot the archive section existed.

Ab ^_^

Heheheh... It had a lot of good stuff in it.. So I stuck it the archives for safe keeping.. ;)

27th Jul 2003, 08:11
Yo! Xevious, I just read your quotes on my posts from a while back.
Trouble at the Docks - still can't beat 16 secs. Damn, that's hard!
Badass Buspass Impasse - Crap! You beat me, but just you wait....
As for the NGC Elite site, I signed up as gst_6561 (as 10% wasn't accepted) but I don't know how to post my scores, nor how to prove them. I'm not going to need some sort of mumbo-jumbo am I?

27th Jul 2003, 08:18
You dont need to prove your score (unless its an amazing word record).

After you login you need to go to your account and select 'Register with a game' and choose TS2 (and any other game you want to post scores on) and then select enable TS2 and then go to edit TS2 and edit scores then input the scores and tick the 'include me in the rankings' check box at the top and then save your scores.

Make sure all scores you enter are in the proper syntax otherwise it'll just reset that score and it would be invalid (has to be entered as minsmins:secssecs.milisec eg say you got a time of 24.2 secs you'd enter 00:24.2 as your time). You'll know if you didnt enter your time right cos it'll change your time to 10:00.0 after you click on save!

Good luck

Ab ^_^

27th Jul 2003, 22:24
Thanks, AB

29th Jul 2003, 12:06
I could use a little help with Siberia Hard, that's the only problem on my way to victory (100%) :p:d. See I always get to that copter with full health and (maybe) a bit of armor but I always find death there.

Can some1 give an EXACT strategie with the EXACT number of dudes coming out (the 2 dam entering doors) while shooting the copter.

Plz help me, ty by advance, Rayni3

29th Jul 2003, 14:08
As soon as you start go to the first turret gun (assuming your comming from the side furthest away from where you start) and aim to your right (I know the copter is there but ignore it for now) and wait for the first guy to appear and when he does kill him and look to your left and you'll see the other guy far away so kill him aswell then shoot all your rockets at the chopper then leave the turret and go for the one in the middle and shoot all the rockets and shoot the chopper with the normal guns for a few secs before looking to your right and left to kill the guys and then just keep shootin the chopper till it blows up.

There is no certain number of guys who come, they just keep comming every few mins until you end the level.

Good luck

Ab ^_^

29th Jul 2003, 23:51
I just got a mad time in "Badass Buspass Impasse". I got 0:40.7 at first, then on another go I got 0:39.7! That's only .5 off the record!
Sorry to say, I beat you again Mr Xevious!

1st Aug 2003, 09:20
Ty, I beated the level, altough it was in co-op,... but that's even more hard I think (if you are playing with an idiot, not with yourself :d)

Grtz Rayni3

1st Aug 2003, 09:27
The last one of challenges/arcade trophies I cannot beat.

Day Of The Damned, and indeed, the level is damned. I don't succeed to get the 20 000, let alone 25 000.

Which is your score with Sergio's last stand? Mines 43650. Becuz people say it's a lot harder (Sergio) :s

Grtz Rayni3

4th Aug 2003, 18:14
Hey guys!! Im baaaack!! I havn't posted in a while cause' I've just moved! Im in a much bigger house now with a HUGE 59 inch TV! It's really REALLY cool playing TS2 on a huge TV! I got sooooo caught up in it that I didn't do anything yestarday but play TS2 all day long! Whoo!! :D

Anyway, Im back now and ready to answer all your questions! :cool:

Originally posted by GST_10%
I just got a mad time in "Badass Buspass Impasse". I got 0:40.7 at first, then on another go I got 0:39.7! That's only .5 off the record!
Sorry to say, I beat you again Mr Xevious!

Congratulations, dude! But don't forget... This war isn't over just yet. I WILL beat you... Soon.... heh heh heh!! :p

Originally posted by Rayni3
The last one of challenges/arcade trophies I cannot beat.

Day Of The Damned, and indeed, the level is damned. I don't succeed to get the 20 000, let alone 25 000.

Hmmm... I also had alot of trouble on this level too. At the end, all I did was keep going around in circles punching thin air until some unlucky zombie happened to pass by and get his head bashed off! But this is a real crappy strat... I suggest you follow Cayene of Doma's guide on how to beat it....

<i>Taken from Cayene of Doma's Challenge/Arcade League FAQ</i><HR>The first few waves are pretty tame. Try to clear the first few waves with Perfect ratings. Once things pick up. You'll want to constantly spin your view, since monsters appear on all sides of you. Going out of the area is okay, but try to go through open panes if possible, since jumping through glass hurts you. If the area gets crowded, run around the outer area. The zombies will damage each other. Whenever you hear them getting hurt, jump in a know a few heads off, then continue circling the area. You won't get points as quickly, but you'll last longer.<hr>

That should help! :D Now, back to business....

"If you can't complete a stage, and don't know what to do,
Don't get into a rage, just ask the game guru!

He'll help you all he can, so don't be furious....
Who is this mysterious man? He's RedXevious!"

(It took me 2 whole minutes to write that! lol)

5th Aug 2003, 00:57
Happy returns Mr. Xevious.
I don't recall starting a war, as I'm only ranked 100 compared to you at 48 or somethin', cos I'll lose. Though you might want to know I'm beating you at other stages as well, such as Cold Coarpse Caper and Sergios Last Stand. Other than them you are miles in front of me.
I'll try to catch up, just don't you get any super times.

5th Aug 2003, 22:50
Goodluck catching up with him. I remember when I was trying to catch up with him, everytime I got a good time and went up a rank he went up 2 places and then at one point he jumped like 8 places or somethin crazy like that (when he entered the 40s) and after that I just gave up cos I couldnt hack it anymore :( Anyway I got Enemy Territory to keep me entertained for now (so addicted to it) or at least till Half life 2 comes out.

*Takes hat off to Mr Xevious*

I'm suprised you dont have a WR yet, you sure are taking your time :p

Ab ^_^

6th Aug 2003, 06:52
I just rocketed up from 100 to 58! Thanks for the support AB-109, don't give up though! Have a few more goes at a stage you were good at and you'll find you will beat it and think why couldn't I do that before! You have only fallen to 61, that's not bad. Mr Xevious is at 44 with just over 1000 more points than me, but it's worth a shot. Hopefully I succeed catching up.
Me with a WW?! I wish! They are for the psycho game heads who play the game 24/7 or they're Superman or somethin'. My best rank is in "Badass Buspass Impasse" at 7. (Xevious is at 35!).
What happened to DarkWario? Did he bail out or somethin' cos he ain't ranked no more.

6th Aug 2003, 19:06
Why don't I have a WR yet? I'll tell you why... I have kinda stopped playing TS2, cause' I've brought so many new games that I don't have time to play it anymore! Right now im playing Zelda: The Wind Waker, Splinter Cell, Advance Wars 2 and tons others, so I just don't have time anymore for TS2. I havn't updated my times in a while at NGC-Elites, and I'm surprised to see that I'm still in 44th place!

But now it's time take out that old mini-disc and blow the dust of of it before I put it in the drive... Cause before the end of the year I will try really hard to get a new WR... Even if I have to take a week off school to do it, I will! So, wish me luck!

See you later guys!

6th Aug 2003, 23:48
Hey Mr Xevious! If you're going to be playing Zelda you will be lost in that for ages and will give me a chance to catch up to you in the elites ranking, especially if you don't even post. But c'mon, make a it a challange.
So how about beating me in "Badass Buspass Impasse"? I improved my time to 00:39.5! I'm trying so hard to get the record in that!

Anyway, as for as elite times go, I suck at both theif stages, ("Spoils of War" & "Double Bill") and "Snow Business". In order for me to improve, I gonna need some elite help.

4 gold
62 plat
54 AWs

11th Aug 2003, 06:15
Ok, on Spoils Of War, what you want to do is kill other players and let them kill themselves! It all comes down to luck! For example, I killed about 10 people and picked up all the coins, then I went back to the Base in the middle and found another 3 coins just lying there! Just keep on killing and try to stay in the middle base as long as you can, cause' that's where most of the ememys hang out. Pick up any stray coins as soon as you see em!

And as for Double Bill, again, this comes down to luck. Sometimes you will find yourself on the wrong side of the Chasm, your all alone while all the other players are on the other side, right? This can be really annoying! Anyway, the best thing your could do is keep on respawning untill you spawn right next to the Invisible power-up. Pick it up, and kill everyone nearby (there should be about 3 guys next to you after you pick it up.) Then you can go around killing everyone else without the fear of dying yourself cause' no one can see you! Keep on playing untill you get lucky and alot of players spawn next to you! Yay!

If you need anymore help, just ask! :cool:

11th Aug 2003, 10:30
On Double Bill its easier to hang around just inside the door infront of the invis powerup (when you get it you fall down and its infront of you) cos most of them go through there and you can see the whole 2nd floor on the otherside so if you see a good target you can go for it just dont forget the wonder about near that area if it seems too quiet.

Ab ^_^

15th Aug 2003, 14:13
Remember: If any of you need some help, just ask! :D

(And for all you n00bs out there, PLEASE try to post your help requests here rather than start up new threads.)

15th Aug 2003, 15:25
ok how about getting through the brown doors in the streets level. i have tried to blow them up but nothing happens. if you need to know what i am talking about then look around where you see the red neon lights that say something along the lines of Gannon. or by the building that as an opening at the top that you can drop out of. By the stairs there is something on the ceiling. Does anyone know if that has any purpose???

19th Aug 2003, 08:38
Ummm.... You can't open them... Sorry. :( They're only there for effect as well as the windows. If they didn't put in those windows and balconys, the game would look a bit stale and unrealistic, wouldn't it?

Anyway, if any one else needs help... Who should you ask? Why, ME of course!! :D

5th Oct 2003, 15:57

Well, after not posting for about a million days, I am back!!
To tell you the truth, I just plum forgot. I was so busy with other stuff and slowly and slowly I didn't come back.

Anyway, I was just wondering around the other day, and I remembered good ol' Eidos TS2 forum, so I thought I would stop in and see how everyone is going!

So, what's up? Hows everything been going? AB-109, KittenCeleste and the rest of the gang. How has life been?

Anyway, I thought I'd just say high again, and see how everything was. I'm gonna start browsing the TS2 Eidos forums again, so if there's anything you need, just let me know!

Here's looking at another few years of great TS2 action! Cheers everyone! :D See you later!

12th Oct 2003, 20:18
Originally posted by RedXevious
Anyway, I thought I'd just say high again,

Hmmmm.... either that was supposed to say "say hi again" or "stay high again" lol I guess the 2nd one would explain what you've been busy with Mr Xevious :eek:

I havent been about for ages either.

At one point I thought I'd never stop playin ts2 cos of the multiplayer and cos of how hard it is but after doin everythin it (like all other games) gets borin and I don't play multiplayer on it as much as I'd like to but thats life for ya, uni comes first and all that :D

I'm glad to see the forum is still active tho and TS2 WILL LIVE FOREVER yeehhaaa!

18th Oct 2003, 03:31
How do you get passed the assult in arcade leage? Im new at this game, I got it just last week so dont say i suck...

20th Oct 2003, 03:54
actually, nevermind. I just beat it last night.

22nd Oct 2003, 20:44
Can someone give me a strategy for the duckman drake challenge, i suck at it. i keep dying becuase my shot gun aims too high, but i guess ill keep trying. persistance!

22nd Oct 2003, 20:48
well i got a bronze (pathetic) so im getting better

22nd Oct 2003, 21:03
Well i guess im just an anoyying idiot cuase i just got gold. and all i did was stand in the hallway that has the toilets in it and crouch so i didnt aim high and filled duckman drake with lead! :)
sry to be a bother. i just wasnt patient enough.

29th Oct 2003, 21:12
Well, a gold is always good!

Actually, that strat is the most popular one for "Someone Has Got To Pay". I would have posted it sooner, but you beat me to it! lol

Anyway, you can also use that same way to get the plat too. Keep trying and you'll get there! Good luck!

>>> Stranger: "Just what is it you actually do, Mr. Xevious?"
>>> RedXevious: "This is what I do... Where ever there's a pour little child crying in his room cause' he can't beat Hard mode, I'll be there. Where ever there's a little girl trying to figure out how to unlock Starr, I'll be there. Where ever there's a guy wonding wheather his copy of the game is a dud cause' he can't complete a stage, I'll be there!"
>>> Stranger: "Huh? Im sorry, I lost you at 'This is what I do'. Could you repeat that?"
>>> RedXevious: "I help people with TS2!"
>>> Stranger: "Ok...."

30th Oct 2003, 16:37
lol, hello red and the crew! I too have been MIA for a long time gamers revolution (http://boards.gamers.com/messages/overview.asp?name=allgamers) sucked me in! anyway, I bet noone noticed anyway! :)

Ah, I just had a TS2 revival and the reaper splitter blood runs through my veins once again!

2nd Nov 2003, 23:30
i need help on getting gold on the scourage splitter arcade outnumbered but never out punned. I WANT THE SCOURAGE SPLITTER SO BAD

3rd Nov 2003, 06:51
Here's a strat you could try:
Head into one of the buildings with a SBP90 x2 spawn point and one door going out. Sit there and wait for the Splitters to cram the doorway. Then mow them down. They will spawn and come back. Repeat until the medal is yours.

Good luck! :D

If anyone else has a better idea, feel free to correct me!

3rd Nov 2003, 23:28
YAY!!!!!!! I beat it!!!!!!!! thanx kittenCeleste for helping me out. I got a 2:11 and my second best time was 2:35. Thats a big difference.

what's up dog
4th Nov 2003, 00:37
HI! I'm stuck in the room where you get the retro racer cartrage. I can't turn off the small laser feild up on the walkway. How do you turn it off?

12th Jan 2004, 21:49
I know that your thread for anyone needing help is almost a year old now, but I really need help on the robot factory level medium difficulty, I am stuck. Thanks

13th Jan 2004, 04:21
Originally posted by eyechode
I know that your thread for anyone needing help is almost a year old now, but I really need help on the robot factory level medium difficulty, I am stuck. Thanks

Wow, I didn't even know there was a part two to RedXevious's wonderful help thread. Glad you found it. Now as for your question, you might want to go and check this site (http://www.cheatcc.com/gc/sg/timesplitters_2.txt) out. It has a walkthrough for just about everything in Timesplitters 2. It may also interest you to have a look see at the first help thread from RedXevious (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15742) . I wish I could help you more, but I don't know exactly what your stuck on, weather it be objectives, or just staying alive. Let us know if you found what you need. If not, I'm sure we can still help you.

13th Jan 2004, 04:25
Found another site (http://www.gamewinners.com/playstation2/TimeSplitters2.htm) that might be worth a peek.

19th Jan 2004, 14:45
OK, now I need to use this thread. How in the blue heck do you get a gold in 'Burns ward'? (the virus challenge in the hospital) I've tried going up to the balcony and then jumping off when someone gets close, then leading them back up and repeating the process, but they still manage to get me. The closest I've come is 32 seconds away from the gold time, and I really want the undead preast. (Its hurting my ego that I STILL dont have him unlocked) Is there any other tricks anyone has that I dont know about?:confused: :mad:

20th Jan 2004, 17:53
Thank you kindly Metroid_DarkTim, I never even thought of clumping them together. (Doh!) Havent got the gold yet, but I am shure on the way to getting it soon. :cool: