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29th Jun 2003, 23:34
I don't know if anyone on the Tomb Raider Staff actually looks at this, but this latest version of Tomb Raider looks great but is the worste playing GAME I've ever had to try to play. I can tell you that I, and many others like me will not be purchasing any more Tomb Raider games unless the controls are returned back to the way they used to be.

I don't know what kind of crack the programmers were smoking when they decided to change everything about the way Lara moves, but they messed it up. They obviously forgot about that old saying: "If it aint broke, don't fix it"... Well it's broke now.

Change her back the way she was and I want my money back!

30th Jun 2003, 11:59
You're talking about the PS2 version, I take it?

30th Jun 2003, 12:46
Are the controls really THAT bad? There are so many mixed comments on them that one is never exactly sure who's really saying what! From my perspective, I will wait until it comes out here (hopefully with this alleged slowdown etc resolved) before I draw any conclusions. I suppose he is referring to the P2 version in the States, as I believe this is the only version so far released?

30th Jun 2003, 12:56
Well, to throw my useless 2 cents in. It’s human nature to complain about change, and in my line of work I hear a lot of complaining, so I guess I’m just used to it :p The controls a very different this time around, but I have been getting used to them and finding that they aren’t all that bad. Sure you can’t do some of the maneuvers you were able to in previous versions, but you really don’t need to in this game due to her more “Human-like” play.

Someone comment on this one: I heard a long time ago, when the analog controllers first came out that all games were going to a more standard setup? Don’t know if that is true, but I do remember hearing something like that.

Question: Is my controller just broke or is there to vibration in this version of TR? I just love the jigglies :p

30th Jun 2003, 14:39
Originally posted by Iconoclast
Are the controls really THAT bad?

No. they are different and we all are use to the old ones but if you know how they work i believe that they work BETTER than the origional controls

and CaninD there is no shock

30th Jun 2003, 14:43
I like the new controls. Got used to them and find them very easy once you are used to them. If they kept the controls the same, it would be outdated since this is a new system and we did not have anolog yet back then, I don't think.

30th Jun 2003, 15:26
Oh quit whining, get used to the damn controlls just like you did for the first 5 games, it's honestly not that hard.

30th Jun 2003, 16:45
I think the controls are easy to get used to and are well thought out. It's the Laaaaaaaggg though! I'm about 30 lbs over weight and I could definitely start running or draw a weapon ten times faster than LC. Also, I think that the manual camera control is great. It's just the incredible - Laaaaaaagg! Anyone try counting how many seconds it takes to do a 360 camera wrap around? It boggles the mind just how slow it really is. I could spin around 20 times in the time it would take for one camera rotation in AOD. (I'm not even going to get into the slow-mo ladder climbing thing).

I'm enjoying the game so far though... for the most part. Just takes alot of getting used to. If you can just imagine that the whole game takes place under heavy water, it all makes sense. ;)

Thank god the story is so good that it makes one want to continue to move forward (however slowly that may be...)

It's great to see so many fans defending this game. But I think we can all agree that this game has been prematurely released (but it had to be released soon or...).

For those who think that the responsiveness of the controls are on par with most recent releases of today, then my hat goes off to you for your loyalty to the franchise! Eidos needs all kinds of feedback - good, bad, whatever. I just hope their really listening.

I've played all the TR games. This one has an incredible graphics engine and is really, simply gorgeous! The story is the most compelling out of all of them so far, IMO.

It's just that (LAAAAAAG!!) in the controls that I'm quite disappointed in.


30th Jun 2003, 17:45
It's like you people have only played TR for the PS1, never having used analogue control before. The controls take about, ooh, 2 minutes to get used to, just like in any other game. And once I found that R3 moved the camera, shooooot, I was right as rain on the controls (except for the occassional sideways jump off a cliff).

My only complaint at this point in the game is that I don't like having to save every five minutes, in order to avoid going through conversations and animations I can't skip over. I think #2 on Core's list (after getting rid of the slowdowns) should be to take a note from Final Fantasy, and let you hop through conversations a bit faster.

30th Jun 2003, 17:59
I seriously got used to the controls right when the game started. The first 2 or 5 seconds I thought they were weird. I love the new controls and AOD is the best tomb raider yet!

3rd Jul 2003, 01:25
Or maybe you ARE the programmers themselves. Look around. NO ONE finds these controles better than the old controls. NO ONE.

HOW can it be better to run in circles because the view changes?

how can it be better to run at half speed or sprint?

I'm used to them.. sure. I know how to learn games. I'll beat the game. But it will not be anywhere near as fun as playing TOMB RAIDER should be. You could use the analog controls with most if not all the other TR games and they were setup perfectly. They USED to be sweet and had innovative "secret" moves like flare throwing and such. (it's "secret" because MOST people don't seem to read the manual.. of course.. if you read THIS manual, it will NOT help you... it's wrong of course)

This game is simply not TOMB RAIDER anymore... Please post if you agree...

3rd Jul 2003, 03:14
are we allowed to post if we don't agree? :D :p

3rd Jul 2003, 03:50
PaulDPearl..........GET OVER IT!

3rd Jul 2003, 09:31
Originally posted by PaulDPearl

This game is simply not TOMB RAIDER anymore... Please post if you agree...


3rd Jul 2003, 15:03
Actaully, pauldPearl, I like the controls better this way. I prefer analog over the D pad anyday.

3rd Jul 2003, 15:18
yes the worst gameplay ever! she moves to slow! the worst level was the paris and the way she walks like who the hell does she think she is. i wanted an adventure lara not a model lara

to late for that she's finished

3rd Jul 2003, 21:22
Originally posted by rns91294
Actaully, pauldPearl, I like the controls better this way. I prefer analog over the D pad anyday.

I used the analog controls with all the other TR games and they WERE much better, but these controls suck... NOT because they make us use the analog, every game does that now, but because the WAY they make us use the analog. It's no longer "up" foward, "Back" backwards and so forth. It used to be like a Remote Control car. Now it's.. well now it sucks.

Maybe it IS all my fault. Maybe I should have written the game makers and thanked them for making such a sweet game for all the other Tomb Raiders. I would have told them how great the controls were and how I wish they could teach the OTHER game makers how to make such great controls. But instead, they have copied the "other" game makers.. but didn't even do THAT right.. so it's half one way, half another.. she never knows what she is doing. Sometimes when the camera angle changes, and you keep holding the stick the same direction as she moves, she keeps moving the same direction.. sometims, she spins.. sometimes.. she stops. It's useless.

3rd Jul 2003, 21:39
Are you talking about ps2 or pc? I just got the pc version, and I swear, the control is the same as previous Tomb Raider games. Granted, I haven't played the last TR game in years, still, 30 seconds moving around, and everything came back to me. I didn't even remap any keys. If anything, I thought they made it easier to control, I don't have to line up precisoulsy for her to climb up ladders and stuffs.

3rd Jul 2003, 21:43
I think u r some kind of Game Programmer paul that wants make TR fail and go down, well u r discovered no LOSER

3rd Jul 2003, 22:15
I am playing the PS2 version but I hear that the PC game controls are also different, however, you can remap the keys.

Agent Thompson
4th Jul 2003, 01:16
i also agree with PaulDPearl

the easiest thing they could have done to make everyone happy would have been to stick with the control option. that way you could choose to use either the analog or the d-pad. personally, i do not like not having a choice and just being stuck with the new way to control her.

overall, for a game that was delayed about 8 months, i'm somewhat disappointed.

4th Jul 2003, 02:53
urtis is an ex-Legionnaire and experienced warrior with limited occult abilities. Raised as an initiate in an ancient order called the Lux Veritatis, Kurtis took on his father’s role after the Alchemist hunted down and killed the last of the Order. As the sole remaining descendant, Kurtis is now on a quest for revenge against those that wiped out the Order and killed his father.

Kurtis is a complete F@G!

7th Jul 2003, 15:45
PaulDPearl, have you finished the game? Because if so, you kind of find out who Kurtis really is. I actually enjoyed being him. It was something different and interesting.

7th Jul 2003, 15:56
Kurtis is a complete F@G!

okay that's such a not PC way to put it and kinda rude but I'm lmao reading it because playing Kurtis set off my gay-dar to such a degree, if I had to watch his slow wiggly butt anymore I might jump in the screen and choke him! Kurtis reminded me of He Man....without muscles!

Don't mean to offend but raise your hands anyone who thinks Kurtis would prefer to be with Lars over Lara!

7th Jul 2003, 15:59
Originally posted by tomb_raiding
I think u r some kind of Game Programmer paul that wants make TR fail and go down, well u r discovered no LOSER

It's mature, well-reasoned and well-spoken responses like this that will change even the minds of even the most hard core of the anti-Lara camp. I wonder if the reverse works on fanboys that refuse to hear a single negative comment about their addiction?;)

To be fair, every game has its hangups, and every game has its strengths. However, when a game spawns a series, it is no longer fair to judge individual games in the series on the merits of the series as a whole - individual titles should be judged as such - individually. This particular game suffered from some extremely bothersome technical problems, and just outright failed to measure up in certain areas. If you are unable to face that, then you're being just as blind as those that can do nothing but slander the game whilst refusing to see its merits - I keep thinking of something about a pot and a kettle...

Anyhow, I do believe that to bring about the improvements most people seem to want in this game (as far as the PC release goes, since that can actually be patched), and to avert future instances of such a tragedy of programming as this, mature, calm discussion would probably be much better than saying, "This game sucks so bad!" And, "If you say this game sucks then you smell like poo!" It makes you sound like an angry five year old - and how many people actually listen to the argument of a screaming child over that of a well-reasoned adult?

Just something to think about.


7th Jul 2003, 17:45
Those of you complaining really need to stop! Its getting so annoying just listening to all you complain. Isn't there anything better you can to? If you hate the controls, camera, and the game its self than just go away. Nothing is going to change the controls or camera and you just have to deal with it. The AOD forum is for those that enjoy the new tomb raider game. Not for those that wish to complain about it. The controls and camera are quite easy in my opinion. If I can control lara and others that can control her fine, you can too. Just practice and you will get it. But if you wish to still complain then just get out of here and play a different game thats something more of your likeing. I enjoy every bit of the new tomb raider and so do many other people. Stop ruining the fun for us! We are enjoying the game and I want it to stay that way.