View Full Version : <spoiler> a little help : Relic Apartment Block

29th Jun 2003, 23:15
I need some help getting past the part where I move the block at the top of the stairs.

A > It can only be moved towards the steps that lead up to it, where the railing is on the other side?

B > I can't get Lara to climb on top of the box; I get half way up the top steps and then jump down on the box.

C > When on the box, I do a standing jump/grab towards the railing and Lara gets her faced smashed and then dies in the gas because I am too slow; too many failed attempts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. :)

29th Jun 2003, 23:41
Some tips:
After you pull the box, go behind it and push it more twoards the railing.
You can't jump on the box. Once you are behind it, stop and press towards the box again and she will climb on it.
Stand at the back of the box and press R3 (right analog stick) to line up the camera.
Make a running jump and press 'x' to grab the rail.

Hope that helps.
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30th Jun 2003, 16:55
It helps, thank you very much!

I'll give it a try... ;)