View Full Version : Stuck In The Grave Yard

29th Jun 2003, 21:12
What am I doing wrong? I have followed the game guide word for word and I still can't push the statue over! I have tried talking to both people, buy the way you can only deal with one of them to get the key to the night club. Not both like the guide says and I still get nothing. What gives. Have I missed something? I have talked to all the people on the level and played it over and over and still nothing. Any tips, clues or something before I throw this game up against the wall. We all waited so long for this game to come out for it to turn out to be a complete dud.

29th Jun 2003, 21:48
well the guide is wrong, dont use it, return it. it is filled with little mistakes.

what you need to do is get the powerup by kicking in on of the tomb doors then you can tip the statue

29th Jun 2003, 22:18
Climb on the tombs and jump from one to another until you get in the area with the angel statue. There you can push in the white door. Then go back out to the small fenced tomb in the corner and push in that door. Then go back and push the angel.
Drag your mouse to read the blue text.