View Full Version : Gamespot's E3 3DVD pack is now shipping...

29th Jun 2003, 20:59
Just got my confirmation that my pre-order had shipped; will check it out when it gets here. Was anyone else going to get this set? Apparently it's extensive coverage of all the games and events at E3, hopefully will have something on Defiance on it. (There-made post applicable to forum topic)

30th Jun 2003, 00:30
I ordered this one (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=0&products_id=3063), but it got delayed so it won't ship until mid-July. If it's still possible to order the Gamespot one, I'll try and snag a copy of that.

30th Jun 2003, 00:45
...and in fact it IS still possible to order, so hopefully mine will be on its way tomorrow. Thanks Sarah!

2nd Jul 2003, 20:43
And in fact it has arrived at home! The contents of the 3 discs are listed alphabetically- disc 1 is A-E, I think(second hand info from sis, who opened my package while I am at work), disc 2 F-M? disc 3 remaining alphabet. Legacy of Kain: Defiance is on disc 2, Ghost Hunter is not (wah!); will examine contents thoroughly when I get home.
Just an FYI for everyone!

2nd Jul 2003, 20:59
Is it playable?

3rd Jul 2003, 00:38
No, it's a video DVD.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:48
It's basically just the gameplay footage that has already been shown-but the reason for my buying a larger TV is now clear: I bought it for this game. Highly detailed background textures, and Kain's blood/health globe thing will drip blood occasionally.
Looks very good-"Chubby Kain" looks much better in TV gameplay, as opposed to pictures-he doesn't "screenshot" well.

3rd Jul 2003, 10:16
*raises eyebrow*

Chubby Kain, eh? ;)

3rd Jul 2003, 11:04
hm chubby kain? will we hear the heretics in the background shouting "you fat B@stard" at kain then?;)

3rd Jul 2003, 11:40
rotflmao. Yeah, can picture it now...

Kain: Come back here you! *gasp* Don't make me chase after *wheez* you!

Raziel (to the camera): Yaknow, for an undead guy, he certainly isn't <insert some clever wise-crack here>!

3rd Jul 2003, 13:12
What about the DVD that you can sign up for on the official website? They said that would be shipping out in June. Does anyone have that yet? If not, I bet that it will be here soon enough. Needless to say, I'm totally excited.

3rd Jul 2003, 13:22
Originally posted by Omega
rotflmao. Yeah, can picture it now...

Kain: Come back here you! *gasp* Don't make me chase after *wheez* you!

Raziel (to the camera): Yaknow, for an undead guy, he certainly isn't <insert some clever wise-crack here>!


Kain could be just like the Vice City cops...

"Don't make me run... I'll get all sweaty."



3rd Jul 2003, 15:26
can someone please post the URL (or better yet, the link:D ) for the gamespot one? I cant find it on the site.
Thanks In Advanced.

3rd Jul 2003, 16:02
Took me a little searching, but here is link...

And yes-Chubby Kain; first screenshots of the playable Kain model, it was just.... You know, they say, as you get older, the metabolism slows down.

3rd Jul 2003, 16:22
Dood, I remember Fat Albert! I remember watchin' that stuff in grade school. Bong.

For those of you who're familiar with FA, watch Boondock Saints sometime - there's a reference in there that will make you wet yourself.

"Now, Rock... Are ye sure ye're obie-kabie?"


And speaking of Fat Choco's - heck on the Fatty from FF8, picture Kain as the Fat Chocobo from FF2 (IV in Japan, I believe) - you know, the one that took up an entire hold in the starship? *giggles* Imagine being able to summon Kain with a Choco Carrot...

*hums the fat choco music and imagines a ballooned kain sitting on his over-sized rumpus*


3rd Jul 2003, 22:05

*can easily picture Kain on his Fat Chocobo steed swinging the Reaver shouting 'Vae Victus!'*

Damn, CD should put that in for laughs ;)

8th Jul 2003, 01:31
The clip on the DVD is *very* short (like one minute or less), but it's amazing how detailed the Defiance demo is. This is going to be the best game ever!

9th Jul 2003, 00:36
It's not often we see Blinc use exclamation marks - but he's not alone when he said Defiance looks the best game ever!

I mean, think about it. Four games worth of stories closed, summised, and wrapped up. All in a spiffy gaming session :D

12th Jul 2003, 03:17
See, this is what it's all about! Thank you, Sarah! Thank you, Blincoln! I now have ordered the DVD 3Pack and am awaiting the ecstasy to come.:D