View Full Version : Switching Targets on PS2¿¿¿???

29th Jun 2003, 03:33
so the instructions say its the green triangle... but I've tried on a couple of machine-controler combos and cannot get the game to switch targets.
(I've tried both Lara and Kurtis)

usually not a problem, I didn't even realize it didn't work untill..."boaz returns" but how am I supposed to get though THAT LEVEL if I can't switch targets?

whats a player to do?

29th Jun 2003, 03:35
It's actually the square button. :)

29th Jun 2003, 03:42
and he says "that wasn't so hard".... my ass

thanks, works like a charm....

personally, considering how long I waited for this game... I would have expected alot more... had it been out on time, I could let a few bugs go... but basically my screen name says it all