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29th Jun 2003, 01:20
:) I would like to know how can I change the graphics skies, just as Chronicles5 in Northern Shrine of Brahma ( so beautiful ! ) . Tks.

29th Jun 2003, 07:02
You have to create a bitmap that is 256x256, 24-bit color. Save it in .RAW format in BGR order. Most paint programs (except Microsoft paint) will do this. Give the file the same name as the wad file, with the extension .RAW.
If you want to change the horizon, that is more difficult. It is a 3D object in the WAD file, and you must retexture it. Right now, I think Strpix is the only program that will let you do this.

29th Jun 2003, 15:54
:) Tks a lot, Aktrekker!