View Full Version : How many levels at once?

28th Jun 2003, 17:40
How many levels are you creating now at the same time? Or, what is the most in the past that you've been on at once?
As for me, I'm making 3 levels right now.

Tomb Raider Fan
28th Jun 2003, 19:27
I only make 1 level at a time. I have tryed creating just 2 levels at the same time but i found it too complicated with all of the files and that. So just 1 level at a time 4 me! :D

28th Jun 2003, 20:24
I'm currently busy with 5 levels, and 2 will start soon so that makes it 7. But they are a serie of levels with level jumping, so that's the reason.

And of course I'm always busy on some test levels, which I haven't counted here.

Edit: This was my 500th post on the forums!

28th Jun 2003, 20:32
I'm working on 6 levels plus helping Data with 3 more. Don't know if any will see the light of day, but i'll try. :D

Congrats TRWad on 500. :cool:

Tomb Raider Fan
28th Jun 2003, 21:15
Damn! I feel soooooo ab-normal......I find it realhard to create more than 1 level at a time. If u r working on 1 level tenn u wanan change and work on another do u just swap the scripts around?

28th Jun 2003, 21:43
I use a basic script for all levels and 3 different computers, but if you use each basic demo level as a basis for each level, you can have 6 or 7 all going at the same time using the same script.

I never add any objects (except Lara when testing) until i'm satisfied the construction is how I want it; and that can take a couple of months usually. ;)

Tomb Raider Fan
29th Jun 2003, 14:08
Hmm... I might try that idea. I might create a script with all levels that iam creating and just create them by opening up the project file

29th Jun 2003, 17:16
I usd the same script for all of my levels. Two of my levels bit the dust last night though:(. One of them was Cliffs of Hokkaido, which was looking promising for a while, but then it got all messed up somehow and was just impossible to figure out. I didn't want to even try fixing it. The other was a random Japanese country house. So that put me down to one level.
Then I decided to start a new one, Nichiyoubi Ryokan, which is Sunday Inn in Japanese.

The only reason I have more than one level is I get so bored working on one level for such a long time. I need time to think up new ideas, and I still need to be building something at the time. It's always nice for a change of pace:)

29th Jun 2003, 20:31
I am currently working on 2 levels.

Egypt revisited 2 and my vci level that is not named yet.

I have been starting several levels but, never finishing them hopefully at least 1 of these levels will be finished.

30th Jun 2003, 10:15
I personally have no single-level games and there probably wont be any in near future, but I approach each of the adventures (games with multiple levels) I'm trying to make indvidually - so I could say I work on only 1 level at a time (while actually I'm making 8 levels of the same adventure :cool: )