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28th Jun 2003, 10:57
I've looked all over the internet and i keep seeing different DX2 release dates for the uk. Where's My War...... Although, it is an invisible war so maybe it's been released and nobody knows. Anyone know the release date for the uk??? :confused:

28th Jun 2003, 16:14
February 15, 2004

28th Jun 2003, 16:38
Originally posted by Samhain
February 15, 2004

Where did you get that? Even the US release date seems unknown, so I'm curious how you got the UK date.... :confused:

28th Jun 2003, 21:00
Dont be so imperialistic, and please tell me when the date is for when it comes out in Norway too!
Why is it always talking about UK and US? Norway is as importen as them! At least I im importen enough, and want to know when it comes out in Norway, I dont give a dam about when it comes out in UK and US!

30th Jun 2003, 13:33
Norway is Jan. 3, 2004

3rd Jul 2003, 15:31
That's not what I heard.. I heard Norway is June 6th, 2006

3rd Jul 2003, 16:11
europe usualy has the same release date, as does north america...

4th Jul 2003, 07:42
not all countries in Europe, I think (if I remember correctly, I was glad I was in England when DX1 went out, cause it wasn't released in France at this time, would have had to wait for few months)

13th Jul 2003, 19:49
Originally posted by FliX
europe usualy has the same release date, as does north america...

Maybe for the big countries (UK, GER, FRA) but for smaller countries such as Denmark you often have to wait. And of course the games always comes last to Norway...