View Full Version : Organizing FMs

28th Jun 2003, 00:43
Probably a silly idea this, but I was wondering if anyone had thought of a way of organizing the FMs in Darkloader? I only keep those I may want to replay but there are still so many of them! So I thought it would make life and thieving easier if I could group those in a series together, - like TTGM, Lord Ashton, Varyx Obelisk, Calendra, to name a few favourites. Darkloader orders them alphabetically, which is fine, but doesn't help me find the next in a particular series when I've forgotten its name.

Is it possible to group some FMs within folders, or would that confuse Darkloader? How do others manage their FM collections?

28th Jun 2003, 03:44
I have several folders:

TG Active
T2 Active
TG Attic
T2 Attic
C1, C2, C3 & C4 (from Komag's Contests)

Then I just add and remove them as needed from Darkloader's setup to filter out the groups I want to play. Well, I actually don't ever set either Attic folder to active... that's where I store the bulk of my missions. When I'm ready for a change, I'll go move the ZIPs from the Active folders that I'm done with for the moment to the Attics and maybe pull some out of the Attics that I feel like playing again.