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28th Jun 2003, 00:42
to be honest i was hoping that the negative feed back i saw on the board about aod was maybe just some people having too high of expections and it really was not that bad. well today i rented it and found out you were pretty much on the mark, thanks to you guys i did not buy it right away but decided to rent it instead because there was just so so many complaints . wow was i disappoined. even though i am a hardcore tomber...this game was just flat released before they got it all worked out good. i am going to play it for my rental time and then i am going to wait a good long while to purchase it. maybe given time they will release copies with fewer bugs. i do have to thank this board for giving me a fair, open, un- bias opinion on the quality of the game. i am one sad tomber right now!!!! :(

28th Jun 2003, 01:10
Hey... can I know what you dont like about the game... just for know.....

28th Jun 2003, 12:59
I've been a diehard TR fans since the beginning....I would not have tried to steer anyone wrong just to be malicious. I feel that the game is a hot mess and just wanted people to know and make their own decisions and hopefully let eidos/core be aware that they need to step up on future work.....to do this after all the delay and stuff was just wrong.

I wish you had experienced a better game like most people though.

But I also think a lot of people are lying to themselves or are too fanatical or too young to see the bigger picture. There are 2 sides at minimum to every story!

28th Jun 2003, 13:46
I'll wait for the PC release here in the land of Oz before i take heed of any critic but this is what the Forums are for, your valued opinion be it good or bad .

28th Jun 2003, 14:04
you said you wanted to know what i did not like about the game....and there is much to say on that which i think has been repeatedly covered on this board ....first by one person then another. controls were difficult but i could have dealt with that. lara looks and moves like a marionette puppet on strings.....the graphics were not great (to be kind). i think previous tomb games were better on that....but there i may be expecting too much. of course it would have been nice to find the game with lots of new qualities and new challenges. but to tell the truth i would have been satisfied to find it tradional tombraider with better graphics and complex story line with no other add ons. sorry, but i was just really disappointed like a lot of other people on the board. i am just grateful to those who were brutally honest about their opinions. it put enough doubts in my mind to not buy it but rent it first. thanks. mary