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27th Jun 2003, 22:26
I just received my new PSM mag in the mail today, and it shows a few new pics of Defiance. One shows Kain picking up a Sarafan dude by the throat, and another shows Raziel shoving the Reaver through and enemy and taking its soul. It really looks quite good.

However, one thing troubles me; In the shot, Raziel looks much less detailed than in the pics from the previous PSM and the trailer. If you have the issue in which Defiance first appeared (the 5-page exclusive), and you receive this most recent issue, you will see a difference. It almost looks like a totally different character model. The early pics of Raz looked almost FMV quality, and I really don't see why the model has decreased in detail. You can really see the difference in Raz's hair, pelvis area, spine, his cowl and his "shoes," whatever they are.

Kain still looks excellent though, which I'm happy about. But what happened to Raz? Another trip to the Abyss?

27th Jun 2003, 22:30
Cool, hopefully mine will be here today as well.

I would suspect the model looks different because a small section of a screenshot has been blown up to a large size. I've seen several other magazines do that with the Defiance shots.

27th Jun 2003, 22:34
Ya know, maybe it has something to do with the way he enters the material realm? I honestly just think its a crappy quality magazine pic of a screenshot. Thanks for the headsup on he mag!

27th Jun 2003, 22:36
Yeah, your probably right. But I still think the model looks just a little different. Ahhh, I'm probably just seeing things.

27th Jun 2003, 23:15
Talking about screens, from all I've seen Raziel isn't holding the Reaver in the Spectral Realm! Does anyone know why?

28th Jun 2003, 01:22
Good observation. I honestly don't know why, though. Maybe the Reaver's gonna go through another transformation thingy, which might be why it looks so different.

Umah Bloodomen
28th Jun 2003, 01:28
There's been a lot of mention of ol' Squiddy being a little preturbed with the Jawless-Wonder. We've witnessed his control over the shift-portals, perhaps his power is hindering the blade in spectral as well?

Kind of a stretch, I know, but I would like to see some effort come out of mon Calamari than just *words of wisdom* ;)

Less talk. More action. :D

28th Jun 2003, 04:24
Well, Raziel has the wraith-blade in the spectral realm in the demo. However this could be changed for the final version... some of the monsters in the spectral realm though :eek:

Very nice.

28th Jun 2003, 11:15
Since you played the demo Lucent, what do you think of Raziels model? Is it detailed like in some images or less detailed like in others?

By the way, how was the pause screen, what did it contain? Was there a map in the game?

28th Jun 2003, 18:55
Raziel's model looked awesome in the demo, he moved -very- fluidly and his flying animations (or rather gliding) were flawless. He was a lot more agile looking than he was in SR2.

As far as the pause menu goes I have no idea. I didn't pause for a moment during the demo, there was a line of people waiting to play at E3 and I didn't want to pause and look like jackass ^_~

Raz's model (and all of the other models in game) looked fantastic. Even the environments seemed leaps and bounds above SR2. I really love what they did with the game.

Matt from Spam Buddies
28th Jun 2003, 19:17
Lucent, can You somehow explain why did the Thralls ignite when Raziel hit them with his Wraith Blade?

And what else was different in the demo, if we were to compare it with TLOKS-SR2?

Thanks for Your time. :)

- Matthew

28th Jun 2003, 20:39
No clue about the igniting you're talking about, thralls? I'm a little lost :D

Different from SR2? Oh lord, -everything-

The ombat system is -so- mcuh more advanced, the 'lock on' method still works, however Raziel attacks with such agility. Dependingo n what direction you press on the analog while you're in a combo, he attacks in different directions, allowing you to fight hordes of enemies at once. Not only that, but he has a 'knock into the air' move that allows for aerial combos, and a few telekenesis tricks ^_~

I have a review of the demo on this site somewhere, I go over a lot more of the details there.... emmie find it and I'll link it here.

And here it is. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16817)

30th Jun 2003, 18:43
Originally posted by Shrykull
Talking about screens, from all I've seen Raziel isn't holding the Reaver in the Spectral Realm! Does anyone know why?

You know, I noticed something odd in a screen too, In this one
http://www.legacyofkain.com/images/lok_03.jpg it looks like Raz's reaver has a hilt, like he's holding a physical soul reaver with the wraith blade twined around it, or showing from inside it or something...perhaps that's why it's not in the spectral realm..? Just a thought. It'd be really weird to not have raz have the blade symbiotically any more.

Matt from Spam Buddies
30th Jun 2003, 19:46
Raziel does have the Wraith Blade with a hilt now in LOK-D.

There are many pictures that show this and it can clearly be seen in some of the concept art pictures.

- Matthew

Reaver of Souls
30th Jun 2003, 21:46
The question is why does it have a hilt? So many things to wonder about...:D

1st Jul 2003, 00:05
From examining the hi-res screenshots over at IGN it would seem that Raziel is holding a crystaline skull in his hand, where the wraithblade is projecting out from. I believe this object may be the key to how the weakened Raziel manipulates the reaver in the physical plane after his harrowing experience in SR2.