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27th Jun 2003, 13:12
Lara arrives in Paris and talks with her mentor Von Croy. He tells Lara that he is tracking a series of Obscura paints for Eckard – a mad man. He tells lara to visit Carvier. He is murdered.

Lara visits the lady and gets Von Croys field notebook. In it she discovers through a contact in Prague, Von Croy obtained 4 of 5 obscrura engravings. These told the location of the Obscura Paintings. One painting is suppose to be in the Louver. The Lux Veritatis hid the paintings from evil.

Lara breaks into the muesuem and enters the temple that lies beneath. She finds the painting and leaves only to be intercepted by Kurtis Trent. He takes the painting but it knocked out by a man working with Eckard. He takes the painting.

Lara the visits Prague. She finds the last engraving the in art dealers house. It lies in a temple that is beneath the Strhov, the main building of the Cabal – the people who work with Eckard.

Lara breaks into this new building and discovers all the experiments in it. It turns out Eckard wants the paintings to use their power to resurrect the Sleep. The last of an extinct race called the Nephillim.

Lara again meets with Kurtis and teams up with him. The figure out that the only way to kill Eckard – since his is a immortal alchemist – is to use three glass shards that are called the weapons of light once used the lux veritatis. Kurtis has one, Lara has one, and so does eckard.

Lara finds the tomb, and she grabs the painting in the Tomb of Trophies. She leaves only to be caught by Eckard and the painting is forced from her to save Kurtis’s life. Lara runs after Kurtis while he stays to fight off a monster names Boaz. He defeats her but is fatally wounded.

Lara runs after Eckard, finds the last shard and faces him one on one. In his lab he is resurrecting the Sleeper. Lara diverts him and stabs him with two of the three shards. She is about to kill him when Karel takes the shard from lara and kills Eckard himself. She is shocked. Lara also called him Karel

It turns out that Karel is really one of the last Nephillim. He wants to ressurect the Sleep and invites Lara to be part of this new and great world. He can also turn into anyone he wants to but they would have a mark on their hand (he shape shifts to demonstrate). Lara recognizes many of the people he becomes. He says to her that it was he that was helping her along this entire time. He was the reason she got this far. Then Lara remembers Von Croys death. ECKARD HAD THE MARK! Eckard didn’t kill Von Croy, Karel did! She is infuritated and then she takes the glove that eckard wears and destroys the sleeper. In the process we believe that the nehpillim is also killed.

Lara runs away and comes back to find Kurtis’s weapon the ground but he is not there. She walks out of the Strohov and the credits roll.

The Karel made himself Eckard and killed Von Croy because he knew lara would then seek revenge on Eckard and in doing so get the paintings and the give the Nephillim the opportunity to raise the sleeper.

Kurtis may or may not be dead.

The Nephillim that Lara battles, may or may not be dead ( I think he might be though)

Now maybe I missed something, but when were we introduced to Karel? Was it in that scenes where all the Cabal memebers were hanging around? Im so confused.


27th Jun 2003, 15:41
Good summary of the plotline. :) Yes, we were subtlely (sp?) introduced to Karel like we were to Boaz and Muller. They were all at that first Cabal meeting that we see after the Parisian Ghetto. I was wondering, after Muller and Boaz's parts, when Karel would get a big part, and well, i guess i got showed up. I hope Kurtis isn't dead. They left it that way so that they could hear popular opinion and then if it was all negative toward Kurtis, assume him dead and move on. If not, well, then he'd go on.