View Full Version : Angel of death defying polygon drop out and slow down

26th Jun 2003, 23:07
among my many other rants(see other threads by me) i forgot to mention the polygon drop out as well as textures that fade and draw distances that seem inconsistant. And who can forget the slow down that egm, gamepro and many others said was limited to the roof section on the first level or two. Ehhhhhh wrong. The whole game is plauged with graphical glitches and buggy programming. Anybody that doubts my views and opinions should check every and i mean EVERY website that reviewed this game......they say the same stuff i say. If the game had come out on time and been like this i would understand....but after all the delays it kinda makes me think the eidos boys were just jacking off to the demo builds and not trying to fix them.

27th Jun 2003, 01:06
Micas, this is your third posted thread saying essentially the same thing. You are spamming. Please stop it. Now.