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26th Jun 2003, 20:06
Ok here is the most constant and annoying aerror I have gotten ever since I got the editor so long ago. It annoyed me before but now its doing it to a level I've had my heart set on.
When I'm outputting the wad it gives me an error message like: roomedit has caused an error in roomedit it will now close" or something like that. It reccomends restrating my computer but that doesn't work. PLEASE help:(

26th Jun 2003, 20:25
Ok I had to delete a few rooms but its working now. I'd still like to know what went wrong though if anyone has any ideas so i can avoid having to do this in the future.

26th Jun 2003, 20:38
I can think of 2 reasons:

1. There are many rooms
2. There is an error in one of the rooms.

Maybe there are more, but I never had trouble here myself so I dunno. The real limit of rooms is 255, but mostly the limit is lower (if you have a lot of big rooms it can be around 115 rooms).

27th Jun 2003, 06:40
Occasionally projects become corrupted. Sometimes they are still loadable, sometimes not.
If you have an object with a trigger and delete the object but not the trigger, this can cause problems.
If you have a door between 2 rooms, then move one of the rooms so the doors don't line up, this can cause problems.
Sometimes when you delete a door, the room editor deletes one of the doors, but fails to delete the matching door in the other room.
Sometimes the room editor saves one room over the top of other rooms in the file, really messing things up royally.
Many other things can cause problems.
The room editor will let you make the ceiling lower than the floor (the ceiling wraps from 127 to -128).
The room editor will let you create more than 255 rooms.
The room editor will let you enter too large a value in the camera setting, and that value will wipe out other values.
Basically, the room editor doesn't do nearly as much checking as it should. It won't protect you from simple mistakes.

27th Jun 2003, 09:45
The best way to avoid this happening and losing a lot of work is not to overwrite your previous saves. I always do incremental saves (eg levela1.prj, levela2.prj, levela3.prj, levela4.prj) so I can always go back to a save which I know is ok. This is particularly important if you are trying something new or complex. I know you have probably heard this before but it really is worthwhile doing as you do not lose as much work.

28th Jun 2003, 04:35
Thanks guys. And uvavoo I already do that but I appreciate the advice.:)

22nd Jul 2003, 04:02
errors, errors, errors, I HATE errors, but they always happen! There is only a maximum # of triggers and other things of the like that can be placed in the level, if you want to save those rooms you will have to split you level. Does the game chug while you are playing, 'cause that is a sure sign that you are over doing it on triggers and special effects. If that is not the case then you could have an error in one of those rooms, the best thing is to copy these rooms into another file and try to play only those rooms, if you still get an error while trying to output the WAD then you most likely have made an error while building one of those rooms; if not then you will have to split the level.