View Full Version : Beat AOD today...

26th Jun 2003, 02:54
It's been about 6 days today since I've been playing and I beat it today. I'm dissapointed in the ending, but I won't ruin it for the rest. I just think it's funny ppl are still waiting for it whereas a few of us have already beat it. Not pokin fun at ya, I just think it's funny. Anyway, happy gaming.

26th Jun 2003, 03:05
Give me AOD for pc today first...:rolleyes:

26th Jun 2003, 04:07
Grrrrr. Haha! I bet the PC will have way better graphics!:p Well, try playing it again. Let's see how many times you can play it before Europe gets it.;)

26th Jun 2003, 04:10
you beat the game???

oh good, im really stuck on ...where you have to fight that weard spider like lady, i cant kill the damn woman!!!

26th Jun 2003, 04:20
you need to shoot off her side vent thingys. use square to change targets to get all 4 of them