View Full Version : Hall Of Seasons: The 4 Crystals

26th Jun 2003, 02:21
This level, with it's 4 sub-levels to get the crystals has got to be one of the best ever in TR.

Now my Question: I have the 4 crystals. I have put them in they're places in the 4 pictures. Now what? All I got was a cut scene showing 4 locks being released on a door...

Now i'm just wandering about the floor of the hall looking for where to go next. I've been thru all the doors to get the crystals...

Can't seem to find where to go next and this skeleton dude is getting pretty annoying...heh lol

( if anyone knows post it in a spoiler...)thx

26th Jun 2003, 02:34
You have to purposely pull a wrong lever and end up in the basement of hell. The door you're looking for is on the inner wall of that basement. Hope this helps.

26th Jun 2003, 03:15
Cool ...Thx Jennyfer ! ( Man, i went thru that bottom ring 3 fulltimes, last 2 w/o a scratch, and missed that door every time!
:D )

26th Jun 2003, 16:19
Wait, where do you put the crystals, that's where I'm stuck.

26th Jun 2003, 17:43
Nevermind... I found it.