View Full Version : walmart confusion...check this out

26th Jun 2003, 01:25
how can it be out of stock, it isn't even release yet????????


you might have to cut and paste into browser:

Mangar The Dark
26th Jun 2003, 01:27
Well, take a look at Gamestop... their "used copies" are now on back-order!

26th Jun 2003, 01:30
this is getting almost funny now

Lara Croft Online
26th Jun 2003, 01:43
found out from a friend that works at walmart they don't have it there but K-Mart does

Go Figure

26th Jun 2003, 03:30
Maybe K-Mart has the PS2 version, cuz PC hasn't been released yet. Word has it that the PC version hasn't gone gold yet... If that's true then they are fixing the PS2 bugs, so that the PC gets a nice and clean Aod... Viva la figure ;)

26th Jun 2003, 04:04
LMAO! These game stores can't keep anything straight!:D