View Full Version : My Opinion Of AOD!! Spoilers!!!!!

25th Jun 2003, 23:45
OK, remember this is my opinion!!
I think Eidos should not have pushed Core to release this Game in it present state or maybe Core should have hired more programmers. Who knows!!

I would have to say over-all I love the game but there are some problems.Here is what I have had happen to me playing the game and I'm only at the dig site.

Well, everyone knows about the slow-downs! Maybe the PS2 can not handle it or maybe its some underlying problem, I don't know!
I going to list them in the order they happened.

Wharehouse dog: Somehow it was able to bite me when I was about 20 feet away from the fence. I mean I was nowhere near the thing.
Same place after I killed the dog I was able to jump and grab something invisible and hang there. This is no biggy at all. Most games have this.

I forgot the problem with the strand of hair in front in the conversion with Von Croys friend( blank I can't remember her name) it was going off the screen into infinity, like when you mess with lara vertices in the level editor.
Diso: A guard appeared from under the walkway and shot me once and then went back. It was like he was hanging there invisible then he appeared pulled himself up shot me and then went back the same way and disappeared to never be seen again.
Same place a guard was stuck trying to run the a door. No matter how close I got he never attack me. I even shot him once, no luck, still stuck. This is no biggy either since most games have this happen every now and then.
Same place: the camera caused the PS2 to crash. It got stuck trying to follow me. Something like going through a window and the camera gets stuck in the room you just came out and it couldn't reset to behind Lara. This has been the only crash so far.
I think the camera is the biggest problem with AOD! I wish it could have been a little closer to lara. It also goes through like there isn't a bounding box on the objects. Also, in the hideout where you have to pull the rock the camera went inside of Lara which you could see how her eyes were made. It wasn't pretty.
Well, thats it for that. Now I going to talk about what I don't like but isn't a bug I guess.

I don't like Lara's fingers period. It seems to me that the power ups isn't what they said it was going to be. Everyone has to get them to go on. They made it sound different to me. I don't like the stealth,so far, it has not helped me. Maybe if I had not played and beat Splinter Cell I might have thought different. The puzzle in the dig site, I mean where are the clues to getting it right without having to guess. You only get to symbols.

I strongly advise people to get the PC version. It can be patched.
Like I said this is my opinion and I understand that games are not perfect and a lot of them have bugs, I just think they should have waited until NOV. or Christmas. I guess this is what you get when you rush a game but wait they have been working on this before TR 5 came out. It also could have been a little more challenging for me but I'm only at the dig site. If they wanted to attract new buyers this is not the one to do it with. I will shut up now. I would still buy it.