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21st May 2013, 03:57
I started playing Final Fantasy XI back in march of 2003 at that time anyone who played the game knew of or seen someone using a bot program to compeat against others for claims of mobs known as Notoriouse Monsters. We know these things can have some realy long wait times to have a chance again but when that window would open you would see another player walk through a wall or instant warp to the NM and have it claimed the instant it spawned leaving you with no chance.

I had mad many reports when I seen this take place and the game was under the controle of POL in this area. A GM would respond with questions and you give the name they would check the player in question. If anything was found you would see that player vanish from the spot he was in to be further questioned by a GM.
Now here we are I came back to the game 7 months ago with a friend who wanted to play since things had become much easier since his time frame to play was so short.
I had managed to find a few things fairly simple and ways to make the in-game currency fairly easy since all of the changes.
Here is where things have gotten out of hand. You call for a GM with evidence that is impossible to deny and you get an automated response and they will refuse to answer directly untill the person being reported has logged off the game or left the area giving them ample time to shut down what ever program they are using.

I have watched players walk through mountains in abyysea areas and even had a friend join a group where he stood beside the group members and as soon as a VNM was listed durring the rest use they would vanish and appear clear cross the map with the NM claimed and almost dead by the time he got there.

There are so many fishing bots on the game its not even funny. When you see the same 20 players in the same spot for 3 days in a row something is not right but what can you do to prove this is a bot. This is what I seen. Guy was fishing I counted the cast times of the pole being either 5 or 8 seconds appart each and every time. A NM had agroed this player and was hitting him for about 20 points of dmg every 6-8 swings and while this was going on this player consistantly kept casting his fishing pole the entire time while he was being killed. Now as anyone who fishes on this game knows even a missed attack makes you leave fishing mode so why would anyone consistantly attempt to cast? They are using a bot program. I figured at about 10% of this persons life missing this would be fairly hard to dissmiss so I made a GM call. Guess what happened they refused to answer and gave an automated response. I send in 5 more after that and got the same response durring this time they bot had gotten down to prolly about 2% health and was about to die. The person running the bot must have noticed this because he takes his toon and runs to the closest zone as fast as he can to attempt to lose the mob. Seconds later another player comes out from that area he ran to with his fishing pole and begines to fish.

Now I can't back this next part up so its speculation at this point but I would think that someone working at SE is running all of these bots why else would they get away with for so long what others in the past didn't now that they have taken over. I know this post will get deleted at some point by the mods but that will only prove my point to those who see this before they do so.

The people who are working these servers now refuse to do anything that requires a bit of work as of when my account information had got changed I contacted SE and they claimed my name nore my POL ID existed there was no char by that name listed on any of there servers and I was hung up on by a customer support rep that I seemed to get every single time I called that goes by the name Matt. I spoke with the ones at the POL number they claimed they couldn't find it by this point I got ill and asked for the super. When the super got on the phone it took him a whole 30 seconds to pull up my account e-mail me a form and reinstate my account.

I did not intend for this to be such a long drawn out post but I hate how company greed seems to over lap fair game play these days. If this keeps up what player base they do have is going to flake off even faster than it did between 2003 and 2008 and merging servers isnt going to help.
As far as Final fantasy 14 goes I did play the game durring the open beta of the first version and I had never seen so many crafting bots in my life. I don't know what was up with the server I was on but not 1 person spoke this entire time I was there not 1 and the bot users can say all they want " Most of us use vent or some type of VOIP program" yeah that don't work since most of the people who play a MMO wont get into those because they don't want anyone to know that they are a guy playing as a girl in the attempt to get a hand out and common sense tells you if someone is directing questions at you while standing beside you most are not going to ingnore them and language isnt the issue I am failry sure that atleast half of the server can speak english enough to know when there name is put into chat.

21st May 2013, 06:40
Your first problem is that you're playing FFXI.

13th Jun 2013, 01:30
It is funny that u bring this up now when it has already began a long time ago

13th Jun 2013, 02:12
does anyone remember the GM JAIL ???