View Full Version : TR: AOD Glitches FLYING LARA!!!

25th Jun 2003, 19:11
Yep that's right my Lara can fly lol I don't know about the rest of you but she just flew up the side of a building. It only happened twice. Well if anyone would like to try here's where it happened.

Museum roof after taking the cable to the other side keep walking you should see a poll to slide down. Step onto the poll and then get off where you can enter the window where the guard is who has the key to get into the locked door on the roof. If your standing on the ledge she should float. but it may not work on everyone. I grabbed my sisters digital cam and recorded it lol.... just thought I would give you guys a heads up. If it happens to you reply. or whatever.

Much luv

25th Jun 2003, 19:19
its little wonder that they're hesitent to release it in the Uk innit?

25th Jun 2003, 19:29
True True.... Hopefully you'll get a better copy. But I'm not dissing it's not without it's laughs. If you don't get a better one the don't save when you up high she'll fall to her death. "AHHHHH"

25th Jun 2003, 19:34
We have so many other threads that talk about the flying lara, and all of them pretty much say it happened in the same place (on the roof after shimming up the drain pipe to the open window) it's so weird. And it did only happen twice for me too.