View Full Version : Help...Did I forget something on Lost Domain?

25th Jun 2003, 16:31
I'm @ the next level, Eckhards place, and can't figure out how to do anything other than the one switch that opens the floor. Did I forget to do something in Lost Domain? Do I need to get something from there? Or am I just lame?

25th Jun 2003, 18:46
Please, I know alot of you beat the game so could you give me a clue?

25th Jun 2003, 23:13
If you have all three of the vials...salt, oxygen,and hydrogen....then put them in the slots in the room...one is in the room with the pool.....aftrewards....the water will not kill you when you jump in. SOOOOO jump in and retrieve the last shard. This will open the door to continue on.....

26th Jun 2003, 09:35
Salt? Oxygen? Hydrogen? Where in the world do I find those?

26th Jun 2003, 10:14
so why can I still not get into the water? All three thingys are in place. Now what?