View Full Version : Is she going back to being Super Lara again?

25th Jun 2003, 07:23
Hi guys, Im new here though I've been a tomb raider and Lara fan since #1. I haven't played the game yet, but I'm definitely getting it for the PC when it comes out.

I've read some of the posts about lara being weak at the beginning, which to me kinda sucks but I just want to know from those of you who have played through much of the game already:

1. Does Lara get back her previous superhuman abilities? ( running jump of 30 feet, can withstand a huge drop without dying, pulling 3 tons blocks, etc)

2. Does she become more agile? Meaning does she control better and not like a cement truck like what some reviewers say?

I hope these happen in the first half of the game coz playing with a wimpy Lara just doesnt seem right.

I also hope that if there's a sequel to this she already starts with her original abilities.