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Big Ragu
25th Jun 2003, 04:27
WOW! Three big threads, I have to make another and since I can make it about anything, I guess it can be favorite things.

Movie: 1st-Tremors 2nd-Matrix (Both) 3rd- Lord of the Rings(Both)

Music: Classic Rock

Band: Led Zepplin

Food: Steak

Game: 1st-Deus Ex (Of course) 2nd-Half-life(all the mods and stuff that came out afterwards) 3rd Max Payne 4th-Bf1942 5th-Outlaws.

Car manufacturer: Dodge

Actor: Steve McQueen

Actress: Jessica Alba (for her acting of course)

Worst Game Ever Purchased: *TIE* Redneck Deer Huntin' and NAM.

2nd Jul 2003, 05:37
Movie: Blues Brothers

Music: Rock

Band: Godsmack

Food: Pasta Salad

Game: Deus Ex

Car Manufacturer: Chevy

Actor: Will Ferrell

Actress: No preference

Wost Game Purchased: Koudelka

Gundam Boy
3rd Jul 2003, 16:00
Movie: Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve

Music: Metal, Death Metal, EMO, J-Pop

Band: Slipknot, KoRn, Finch, Otep, Stabbing Westward, ROmantic Mode

Food: Pizza

Game: Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam Federation vs. Zeon, Deus Ex, Starcraft, Aliens vs. Predator 2, Gitaroo Man

Car manufacturer: :confused:

Actor: Bruce Campbell

Actress: :confused:

Worst Game Ever Purchased: DBZ Budouki, DBZ Ultimate Battle 22 (Brother bought them not me)

5th Jul 2003, 22:00
I found Ultimate Battle 22 pretty good actually!

Big Ragu
14th Jul 2003, 21:58
Sorry about the books, mine favorite's are all Tom Clancy books. And about Harry Potter, I seen the movies and they were actually enjoyable. I'll probably end up reading one if I get bored, but that isn't my favorite style. If I want to read about wizards and such, I'll re-read LOTR.

16th Jul 2003, 12:50
Movie: LOTR, musa, crouchin tiger hidden dragoon, schindler's list, the pianist, braiindead, matrix, ... (too many of them)

Music: hmmm. everything before 1975

Band: nope

Food: everything.

Game: 1st-Deus Ex 2.Diablo 2. 3 Heroes of might and magic 3 and 4

Car manufacturer: Peugeot!!

Actor: nope

Actress: neither

Worst Game Ever Purchased: Return to Krondor (very disappointing after Betrayal at Krondor)

16th Jul 2003, 17:03
Movie: The Big Lebowski

Music: Metal

Band: Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth

Food: Steak

Game: Deus Ex

Car Manufacturer: Chevy

Actor: Bruce Willis

Actress: Shannon Elizabeth

Wost Game Purchased: The Messenger

[SYN] Nexus
21st Jul 2003, 14:30
Movie: DeusEx- The movie ;) ,Road To Perdition,Matrix,Austin Powers 2
Music: Rock
Band: Red Hot Chilli Peppers,Three Doors down ,...
Food: Spaghetti,Pizza,Tortilla and Kebab
Game: DeusEx,Renegade,CHampionship Managers
Car Manufacturer: Porsche
Actor: Samuel L Jackson,Tom Hanks,Russel Crowe
Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow,Julia Roberts
Worst Game Purchased: Star Wars Force Commander
Books: Tolkien's books,Black Hawk Down

Server Cerbrous
22nd Aug 2003, 15:27
Movie: matrix, Matrix Reloaded,24 seasons 1 and 2 (you can count them as 12 hour movies)

Music: Rock and Jazz

band: Meatloaf, motorhead, and many more.

Food: Pies, Fish and chips, and more healthy stuff.

Game: Dues ex, Metal Gear solid 2, Dynasty Worriors 4,and vice City and Enter The Matrix.

Car manufactor(Sp?): TVR

Actor: Kiefer Sutherland, Nicholas cage

Actress: Carrie Ann Moss, Sarah Wynter

Books: Lord of the Rings, Storming Heaven

Worst Game Purchased: Star Wars Rebel Assult

1st Sep 2003, 15:20
24 seasons 1 and 2 (you can count them as 12 hour movies)

I thought they were 2 24h-movies?